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MySQL and MariaDB users often look for a single console that will let them access both these types of databases. MyDAC is a strongly recommended solution to them. It is an impressive product of Devart.

Review of MyDAC

Sometimes, people need to access different types of MySQL and MariaDB databases from a single interface. It is very tough to do so without taking help of a reliable set of components. Devart, is a popular company, provides lots of useful component sets for accessing different databases from Delphi and C++ Builder. One of its popular products is MyDAC. It offers a very easy way to access MySQL from Delphi. Purchase the software with our discount coupon easily and enjoy all the cool features. Grab the MyDAC discount now.

Multiple Library Versions

MyDAC is not those types of component sets that comes with only a single version of library. It has three different versions of its library. These versions are FMX, VCL, and LCL. This solution will let you access the databases without taking help of any client library. MySQL has different protocols. All these protocols are supported by this product. Devart provides SecureBridge, which comes with SSH and SSL encryption facilities. This component set contains both these encryption facilities. Similarly, it is compatible with all the authentication protocols that are available right now. MyDAC is a set of components to access MySQL database. There are some other similar solutions. But, the most of these solutions are not suitable for working with all the versions of MySQL and MariaDB. But, this one supports each available version.


Advanced Performance

For this kind of solution, performance is a very important thing. It always shows a top quality overall performance. You will be able to access large data blocks by using it. Impressive connection pooling is another great feature. While applying batches and cache updates, this solution always shows high performance. Sometimes, users like to prepare suitable update statements. To meet that need, MyDAC is capable of preparing all kinds of update statements that are defined by users. After accessing a database, you may need to filter and sort the data as per necessity. This product of Devart will help do so with ease. Automatic data updating, recording, refreshing, and query preparing are other advanced feature of it.

MyDAC Coupon and Pricing

If you want to get MyDAC with only a Windows application development facility, then the Standard License is suitable. This one can be bought by paying only $199.95 without the promo code. It supports only a few database access components. These components are TMyScript and TMyTable. But, professionals often need more components and more desktop app development facilities. In that case, the MyDAC Professional is suitable. You just have to pay $299.95 to access it. It will let you access desktop apps for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Similarly, tons of components are added here. Even, you will also be allowed to enjoy the mobile app development facility.

So, get the database solution with our discount in 2021 now. Hopefully the MyDAC coupon will satisfy your needs.