MSP360 Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Have MSP360 discount as 15% cash back on any of the following item purchase. Please check the following MSP360 image for discount.

Backup for Win Server

Backup for Win Desktop

Backup for MS Exchange

Backup for MS SQL Server

Backup Ultimate Edition

Linux Personal Edition

Linux Server Edition

Linux Ultimate Edition

Backup for Mac

Cloudberry Explorer Packages

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MSP360 discount

CloudBerry has a popular name for providing various types of cloud drive applications. Now, you will get CloudBerry products under the banner of MSP360. These products are even more powerful and affordable right now.

Review of MSP360

It professionals often look for easy and reliable software and services for accessing cloud storages safely. They need these services for controlling managed backup services. But, these solutions are not offered by so many companies. Only a few reliable brands are there. MSP360, formerly known as CloudBerry, is one of the reliable brands. It comes with several essential goods for regular cloud users. Get the software with our provided discount and enjoy all the cool features & benefits. Grab the MSP360 coupon now.

Cloud File Manager

MSP360 Explorer is a reliable cloud file manager. You may need to access and transfer files across cloud and local drives. In doing so, an easy interface is very helpful. This software comes with that interface. This interface can be used from anywhere. So, your necessary tasks can be done very easily also. This interface will give an option to choose a suitable cloud to access and transfer necessary files. You can choose among Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and different other platforms. During transferring files, MSP360 Explorer is capable of encrypting and compressive every single file. Multithreading is another great advantage of this solution. As it can work with multiple threads, the entire process will be completed more quickly.


Storage Mapping

Another very important thing is to map a cloud storage as a network drive. After doing this task, you will be able to access and use a cloud storage just like a local drive. There are different tools that help map cloud storages. MSP360 Drive is a reliable one among all these available options. This software will make every cloud storage very easily accessible. Even, you will be able to drag any file from a local drive and drop that file into the cloud in just a few seconds. The reverse process can also be done with ease. During these processes, your files will be secured by its impressive encryption facility.

Some other products and services of the same brand are useful also. For example, MSP360 Backup is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling managed backup services. IT professionals often look for this kind of solution.

MSP360 Discount & Pricing

Every product and solution of this brand are available for a reasonable price. To purchase the cloud file management solution, you have to pay only USD 39.99 without any promo code in 2021. It is actually available for multiple cloud platforms, including Amazon Blob Storage, Amazon S3, and Google Storage. On the other hand, MSP360 Drive is available for Desktop and Server. To get it for your desktop, only USD 39.99 should be paid. This product has a volume discount facility. For example, you can enjoy a 12% off while purchasing 10 to 19 licenses at a time. The Server edition is available for only USD 79.99.

Therefore, get the data backup solution cheaply with our coupon. For any query about MSP360 discount please kindly contact us.