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After providing a new app or website, you have to find out its performance. And to do so, a usability testing tool should be used. There are only a few companies offering this kind of tool. Techsmith is one of these companies. It provides Morae, which is a famous usability testing solution.

Features and Review of Morae

Offering a new website or app is not the only important thing. You have to know whether the users of these things are happy or not. And to find out that, a user experience tool is required. For this task, Morae of Techsmith is a very efficient solution. This software is a combination of recorder, observer, and manager programs. That is why, there is no need to depend on other solutions to test the usability. Enjoy the cool features of Morae with our discount. You can avail the usability software tools at a cheaper price with our Morae coupon. Some main features of this solution are:

Fast and Efficient

Sometimes, some people use so many devices and applications to find out the usability of any simple app. And these devices are not compatible with each other. Instead of these, Morae can be used for the same task. This solution requires only few minutes to find out more efficient result. That is why, several hours of yours will be saved. To start using this solution for any campaign, there is no need to spend much time either. It offers some preset study templates. One of these steps works for finding out the usability of software. And another one is there to focus on a group. And a mobile device testing template is also offered by Morae. You just have to choose a suitable template and start working.

Morae Discount and Pricing

User experience testing is a very important task to do. And for doing this task, a very powerful and costly solution is required. Compared to the features of Morae, its price is not too high. As per this review writing time, you just have to pay $1,995 without any promo code to purchase its license. This solution can also be used for some governmental and educational purposes. For governmental uses, only 1,695 USD should be paid to purchase its license. Similarly, its educational license is also available for a discounted price. It is offered for only $1,495. A free trial version of this product is also available.

Morae Discount

Very Easy Customization

Morae has a pluggable architecture. That is why, you don’t have to rely on its built in recorder all the times. It helps to create a customized recorder and observer. This flexible solution has a plug-ins page. From there, you can add some useful plugins to increase its flexibility. For capturing the customer interactions, Morae has an efficient capture mode. This mode can deal with a single as well as multiple video cameras. These cameras will easily capture the user’s interactions. Another important thing is to communicate with the fellow observers. In doing so, this software has an efficient chatting facility. Some important data about each of these observers will also be recorded by this tool.

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