Monkey Playr Coupon: Have Discount for the Video Player

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MonkeyPlayr coupon

Instead of using a conventional website video player, marketers should use a marketing friendly player. Monkey Playr is a great option for this task. It will bring more visitors and generate more sales from any website.

Features and Review of Monkey Playr

Most of the marketers use YouTube embedded code to their website to show various videos. These codes can show videos, but cannot bring a better marketing result. That is why, you have to use a video player will bring more visitors in very quickly. Monkey Playr is a good option for all kinds of websites. This player is suitable for showing a video in various ways. If you are happy with the review purchase with our coupon. Grab the Monkey Playr discount now.


Show Exact Part

We know that the conventional video players can show a full video to every visitor. Monkey Playr also does so. Along with that, it also helps to show a specific part of a video. That means, you will be able to start and stop time of a content. An autoplay facility is suitable for showing a content on landing pages and sales letters. This solution has an autoplay facility. NO branding of Monkey Playr will be seen on the player. That is why, your videos will seem more professional. Another important thing is its looping facility. You can create a loop of videos or playlists. Then, this player will play different contents at different times.

Full Responsive Mode

The ratio of the width and height of the player can be adjusted with ease. It also offers a full responsive mode. That is why, visitors using any kind of device will be able to watch your contents without any problem. There are many tools that can only play the YouTube contents. But, this one is able to show the self-hosted videos with ease. Monkey Playr will not force you to use any code on the targeted websites. It is actually a web-based solution. There is nothing to install to use it. There is no need to spend anything for the hosting of contents after purchasing this player. This software allows to add watermarks, social sharing buttons, and clickable CTAs to any video.

Monkey Playr Coupon and Pricing

Though the features of Monkey Playr are very impressive, its price is not high at all. You have to spend only USD 1 to open an account. After paying that little amount, it can be used for 7 days. After that, you have to pay only USD 99 for a year without the promo code. A single license can be used for adding the player in unlimited websites. And, each player will handle unlimited views for each video. During the license period of Monkey Playr, you will get every update for free. We know that there are various website builders. Some of these platforms are WordPress, Shopify, and OptimizePress. This solution is capable of working with all these platforms.

Hence, please purchase the software cheaply with our discount. For any query about Monkey Playr coupon please contact us.