Mobicip Discount: Get Coupon on the Parental Control Cloudware

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Mobicip Discount

It is an era of communication. Even a 4-year old kid can use mobile phones. That is why, it is very important to monitor their activities on mobile phones as well as on computers. To complete this task very easily, you can take help from the Mobicip.

Features and Review of Mobicip

As a responsive parent, you have to help your kids to have a prosperous life. It is not a bad thing if they spend much time on computers and mobile phones. But, it should be monitored that they are not doing something unpleasant on these devices. A parental control solution can help you to control their activities on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Mobicip is one of the best solutions for this task. You can now enjoy all the cool features and facilities of MC with our discount. The Mobicip coupon is going to be highly helpful. This parental control software has following main features and facilities:

Powerful Admin App

Mobicip is an advanced solution, which will provide you an advanced mobile app for Android and iOS. By using this app, it is possible to connect with the home internet. The internet usage as well as app usage can be tracked from this solution very easily. It is a fact that every app may not be suitable for the kids. That is why, you have to know about the apps that are installed on their devices. Mobicip will help you to do this task very efficiently. This solution is also capable of providing some relevant data regarding every installed app.

Monitor Browser History

Nowadays, kids are strongly addicted to the internet. Some websites are not suitable for them. From the monitor or admin app, it is possible to know which websites are visited by them. It will automatically collect these necessary information and create a report. This report will be sent to your email account automatically. Sometimes, some kids can try to access some inappropriate contents. Mobicip is helpful rejecting these inappropriate contents. This software will allow you to set a time limit for the internet usage. Multiple filtering options have made this solution more effective.

Attractive Mobicip Pricing Options and Discount

This solution comes with one free plan and two paid plans. Its Free Plan comes with some pre-defined filtering levels. An advanced content filtering is another nice feature of this product. This one is capable of protecting various browsers. And, it is capable of offering a safe browser for both the iOS and Android. Mobicip Premium Plan can be purchased by paying only 39.99 USD per year excluding the discount. This license can be used for monitoring 5 different devices. All the core features are available with this one. The Enterprise License of this product is a flexible one. You can purchase this for dealing with more than 20 devices. Depending on the number of devices, its price will vary. This license of Mobicip is capable of generating some downloadable reports.

Hence, please avail our coupon to get the parental control cloudware at a cheaper price. We believe that the Mobicip discount in 2021 is going to be liked by you.