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Grab brilliant 15% cash back for any Minute Dock license (Freelancer, Small Team or Business), which is providing as MinuteDock discount. Kindly check out the MD image below for discount.

MinuteDock Discount

The success of an organization depends on so many things. One of these essential things is to use a time tracking software. This type of tool can increase the productivity of your employees. At the same time, the productivity of your entire business can increase. MinuteDock is a top quality employee time tracking solution.

MinuteDock Review and Features

Usually, we use a big number of tools to maintain our business. Some of us use some efficient resource management solutions. Compared to all these important tools, a time tracking software is not less important at all. This solution is capable of tracking the time utilized by every employee. There are different types of employee time tracking tools. But, I recommend to use MinuteDock. This tool has almost all the features that a time tracking solution should have. Avail these cool features of the time tracking tool with our discount. We hope, you will like the MinuteDock coupon. In addition, it provides some additional features.

Easy Time Tracking

There are various types of time tracking tools. But, the most of these tools offer only a single way of tracking. MinuteDock is an advanced solution. It provides multiple ways to do so. For example, it can track the time on a client or project basis. Every large project may have different tasks. That is why, this software can track the time used for each task. There is no need to deal with a task manually. Rather, MinuteDock will help to switch between multiple tasks. In doing so, only a click is required.


Generate Timesheets

Usually, we struggle to maintain various time limits for different tasks. To solve this problem, you can create a timesheet. There is no need to create such sheet manually. MinuteDock is capable of creating these timesheets very efficiently. So, you can add various time entries with ease. Another important thing is, MinuteDock is an online solution. That is why, you can access it from anywhere and any device. It is even possible to assign any task to a team member from anywhere. In short, this software is an employee time tracking solution out of the ordinary.

MinuteDock Discount, Plans and Pricing

Freelancer License is one of the most popular licenses of this product. This license is available for only $19 per month for a single user excluding the discount. Later, you have to pay only $9 for every additional user. The Small Team License is more cost effective. It is available for only 49 USD/month. This license is suitable for a team of maximum 5 users. MinuteDock Business License is suitable for 10 users. It charges only 99 USD per month as per 29 May 2018. An expense tracking facility is included in it. If the number of users is more than 25, then you can choose the Enterprise Plan. Its cost depends on the size of a team.

Hence, please have the online time tracking software with our coupon. We believe, you will love the MinuteDock discount.