Microsoft Office 365 : Get Office for Both Home and Business

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Microsoft is continuously releasing various versions of Office suite one after another and most importantly, each of the versions of this suite is very much successful. Office 365 is the latest version of this suite and it has some unique features. For using the same suite in multiple devices you can choose this suite.

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Microsoft Office 365 Review

Though there are different editions of this suite, but each of those editions is unique and better than the previous edition. You can see that there are some different classes of Office 365. Various types of this product are:

Home Premium

This Suite is highly recommended for use in your Home because you can use this software in multi devices with one license. You just have to renew the license after every year by paying specific price. You can use this suite on 5 different computers, Mac and Smartphone. In this suite there are some applications like Word, which you can use for writing to create document files, Excel will help you to save important data and information, PowerPoint can use for creating the slideshows for presentations. You will also allow to use the OneNote, Outlook and Access. Publisher is a very friendly application which will help you to save and print any type of document and images. You can use the online storage of 20 GB of the online service named SkyDrive. It can integrate with Skype.

Features of Home Premium

No need to use a different license for using this suite in different devices on your home because Microsoft allows you to use a licensed copy of this suite in maximum 5 devices. The devices can be Windows computer, Mac devices and Smartphones. In here you will get all the useful applications of the Office Suite like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you want to write any document very easily, then you can use the Word application and by using this application you can also save the document directly in PDF format. Excel and Access are also very useful applications. In the latest version of PowerPoint, Microsoft has added some new tools for helping you to make your slideshows more attractive. In the Home Premium edition of Office 365 you can also find the OneNote, Outlook and Publisher with full features.

microsoft office 365 review

For Business

This is also a very useful edition of Office 365 and it has also some different versions like the Small Business and Small Business Premium which can be used by maximum 25 users, Midsize Business which can be used by maximum 300 users and Enterprise is for unlimited users. In the case of Small Business Premium you will get some extra features than the Small Business edition. In all these editions of Office suite Microsoft has added a feature for which every user will get 50 GB online storage for storing the important emails and files. Protection from the malwares and spams is another innovative feature of the Office 365 for Business. All the other available features of general Office Suite are also available in all the editions of this suite.

Features and Benefits

This version of the Office 365 suite is classified into several editions. You can select the edition of this suit depending on your business types. This suite can be found in Small Business, Small Business Premium, Midsize Business and Enterprise editions. If you purchase any of the first two editions then this suite can be used by maximum 25 users. The Small Business Premium edition provides desktop versions of the Office applications. You will get the tools for which the office applications can also be used to the smartphones. These are the reason why this edition is better than the Small Business edition. If your business is of medium in size, then you can use the Midsize Business edition of Office 365 and this edition can be used by maximum 300 users. For larger businesses you must use Enterprise edition, which will allow to use by unlimited users.