Microsoft Office 2013 Review, Applications for Home and Work

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There cannot be any doubt that the Microsoft is the most popular software company of the World and basically it is best for the computer software. Microsoft has released various versions of Office suite and each of those versions has achieved huge popularity. To help the users about creating documents and slideshows Microsoft provides different versions of Office suite and one of the newest versions of this suite is the Microsoft Office 2013 which has so many classic and new features.

microsoft office 2013

Review of Microsoft Office 2013

Considering the increasing popularity of the Tablets and Smartphones Microsoft has created the Office Suite as touch friendly. Here you can find the ribbon facility also which will help you to edit and customize your documents very easily, because there are so many tools are available for your use. One of the new feature of this software is it will allow you to log in to the Microsoft account and you can download and install the Microsoft application very easily for this feature. There are some other online services which you can also use directly from this software. Office 2013 can directly integrate with the SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Skype etc. By using online storages you can save your documents safely and use those in the future.

Why Choose Office 2013

If you consider the worksheet of Microsoft Word then you will see the new look to that which is really impressive. There are some applications which are perfectly suitable with the new operating system named Windows 8. You can find those applications to the Office 2013 suite. SharePoint is another application which is one of the newest inductees to the Office suite. By using this suite you will be able to share your files and documents to your friends very easily. The Read Mode is one of the coolest modes which are included in the Microsoft Word application and in this mode, you can read the documents properly even when the document is unsaved. PowerPoint is the application which will help you to create the slideshows. You will find some new features in the PowerPoint application also.

Major Features

First considerable thing about Office 2013 is it is the combination of all the necessary applications. All the applications are improved and friendlier than those of previous versions of Office Suite. For an example, you will find more tools in Word application. More styles of font are added here. Read Mode is added to this application and for this mode, it is now friendlier for reading the documents. Similarly the PowerPoint application has some new features also. To create the slideshows you can use the latest tools of PowerPoint. You can even add the videos to your slideshows to make this more appealing.

microsoft office 2013 review

SharePoint is one of the best ways to connect with the friends and share the personal videos, audios, images and other files to them. You can enjoy the exclusive features of SharePoint if you purchase the Microsoft Office 2013. Skype is one of the most popular ways in the video chatting with the friends who stays anywhere in the world. You can integrate Skype with the Office 2013 suite. One of the most attractive feature of this suite is it allows the users to login to the online storages like SkyDrive. There you can save any kind of documents of yours.

Other Benefits of the Product

Microsoft has the knowledge that the touch friendly devices are achieving huge popularity all over the world. Peoples have also started using Tabs and Smartphones more than the desktops and laptops. Keeping this thing in mind Microsoft has created Office 2013 suite as touch friendly. Moreover there are some applications in this suite which are actually designed for the use in the touch friendly devices.