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Metabox discount

Sometimes, WordPress site owners struggle to add custom fields and boxes to their sites. This task can easily be done with the help of Metabox. This plugin is a custom field generating tool for all kinds of WP sites.

Review and Features of Metabox

Custom fields and meta boxes can be added to WP sites manually. But, this process may take a few hours to be completed. Sometimes, website owners hire professionals to complete this task. Hiring a professional is very costly. On the other hand, an ordinary plugin may generate custom fields very quickly. But, these fields will not support all themes and frameworks. That is why, we suggest Metabox. This filed and box creating WP plugin has several important features. If you are happy with the review please purchase with our discount. Grab the Metabox coupon now.

Uncomplicated Solution

Generally, a WordPress site owner has to go through sleepless nights to add necessary fields and meta boxes to their websites. The Metabox has solved this solution for good. This online generator will let you choose custom options first. Then, the necessary fields and meta boxes will be created automatically after a while. Each of its output will work with all kinds of themes and plugins. There are some other tools that can generate fields and boxes. But generally, these contents may make the websites slower. Each content generated by Metabox is lightweight. That is why, your site will be fast and efficient. Another important thing is, this solution is migration friendly. That means, you will never lose any data while migrating your site.


Take Full Control

There are lots of other tools that help generate meta boxes and custom fields for WordPress. But, this plugin is one of the tools that let full control over each and every field and box. Sometimes, you may need to replicate or clone a field for using in multiple sites. In those cases, this plugin will let you do that with a few clicks. It supports more than 40 field types. That is why, it can be used with all kinds of WordPress sites. Metabox is an open source plugin. So, developers will love working with it. Though this plugin already has lots of important features, its providers are still trying to add new features and functionalities.

Metabox Discount and Pricing

Metabox is available in three different packages. The Core Bundle includes this plugin along with 12 pro extensions. Only $79/year should be paid to purchase this package without the discount. Its Developer Package comes with all pro extensions. You just have to pay only $149 per year to grab this one. Instead of paying for every year, we suggest to grab the Lifetime Bundle. This bundle of Metabox can be bought by paying a one-time fee of USD 349. You don’t have to purchase multiple licenses to work with multiple websites. All these three bundles support unlimited sites. An impressive update facility is also there with every bundle.

Hence, please purchase the product cheaply with our coupon and enjoy the cool features. For any information about Metabox discount please contact with us.