MailTag Discount: Excellent Coupon on Email Tracking Software

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MailTag Discount

MailTag can help the users to make money online by sending emails to the people in order to do marketing. Therefore, this program can provide the users with certain control over the online business very easily with this application.

Real-time Tracking and Review

MailTag will help the users in many ways to make sure that users can track when people open the email of the users. When people open the email, users will be receiving direct notification about that. It will be the users will be able to make sure that users can make sure that they can see who is watching the content. It will also help users understand the prospective customers for the business. MailTag will also show the users who are opening the links of the mail so that users know that who are visiting the site from the email promotion. It will as well help the users to understand that which people are necessary to keep track on for the future campaign.

This program allows the users to schedule the email so that users can schedule the email campaign in advance. As a result, users will be able to send emails to people even if they do not know them. If you liked the MT review, then please purchase with our discount. The MailTag coupon can help you save some money on the software.

MailTag for Gmail

Email Time

MailTag allows the users to select the email time in order to make sure that users can send emails in the correct time. It makes easier for the users to make sure the emails are sent to the prospects incorrect time. It also can provide the users the email reminders. The email reminders will help users stay alert about when the new campaign is about to start. It also works for the multi-time zone. It will show in a different time zone, which is the best time to send emails and when the email open rates are highest online.


MailTag allows the users to make automation of the emailing makes it easier for the users to send emails to multiple people easily. It can also increase the reply rate of the messages. When the reply rate has been increased automatically users will have better potential in the market to bring more sales to the site. MailTag will also help the users to communicate with the customers. Customer’s communication will help the users to build up common ground with customers and know their needs and wants easily.

MailTag Coupon Code & Pricing

MailTag has a fixed price. The price of this application is only 18 dollars. The usual price of this application is only 25 dollars without any promo code. However, right now the price has been decreased. It can provide the users the unlimited analytics to the users providing the chance to find what is affecting in an email marketing campaign. As a result, it will make easier to promote the site.

So, please have the software for tracking and scheduling email more with our coupon. We hope, you are going to enjoy the MailTag discount.