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There are different techniques of growing email lists. Our suggestion is to depend on MailMunch for this task. This solution is capable of converting more visitors into subscribers. Sometimes we hire professionals to ensure a better conversion at our websites. There is no need to do that anymore. Different types of solutions are there that can ensure a better conversion. Bulk lists can also be generated by these solutions. But, all these tools are not recommendable. Our suggestion is to use MailMunch to grow your email lists. This software is able to work with almost all kinds of websites. See the MailMunch review here now.

MailMunch Review and Features

After purchasing MailMunch, there is no need to purchase any other tools for generating opt-in forms. Customizable opt-in forms can be created by this solution very easily. Actually, this product helps to create MailChimp forms. In doing so, it provides several themes. Each of these themes is very easily customizable. And, each comes with a unique design. You just have to pick one design that is suitable for your website. And then, just make a few changes and use that. While customizing, you will be allowed to change its colors, fonts, and background. MailMunch has an automatic sync facility. That is why, it automatically syncs your campaign with few MailChimp lists. Another important thing is, there is no need to add every new subscriber to your list manually. This solution will automatically find out new subscribers and add to the lists.


Bring Back Visitors

It is not a very big deal to drive a big number of visitors to a website. But, converting them into leads is more difficult. People normally use various techniques to do so. MailMunch also has several effective techniques. One of its technique is to bring the abandoning visitors back to a certain place. Suppose, a visitor comes to a site and find nothing interesting. He will intend to leave that site. When, he will intend to leave, this solution will show an attention grabbing popup. This popups will show an amazing offer or facility to the abandoning visitor. It will also show a subscription button. In this manner, you will get more subscribers in a quick time. MailMunch supports embedded opt-in forms. Similarly, this tool is able to create various types of top bars and slide boxes. These elements are not that much intrusive, but are attention seeking.

Powerful A/B Analytics

A guess work may not provide you good results every time. While running a professional campaign, a marketer needs to eliminate guess works as much as possible. In doing so, the A/B testing is very much effective. MailMunch includes a powerful A/B testing facility. That is why, you don’t have to depend on any other tools for the analytics. Each opt-in form may be created with different designs and content. For each of these designs, you will be able to detect a potential result. That means, this solution will give a prediction about the potential success of a future campaign. Hence, it will be very easy to create more successful forms with ease. MailMunch creates responsive forms and popups. So, there will be a big number of mobile subscribers.

MailMunch review

Converting Floating Bars

Nowadays, people love to use various elements to make webpages and posts more attractive. Floating bars are able to grab more attention. These bars will stay top or bottom of a web page. If a visitor scrolls down, such bars will be adjusted automatically with the visitor’s screen. These bars will convert more visitors into subscribers. MailMunch helps to generate these bars very efficiently. There is no need to display the forms or bars with the same rule in every webpage. For different pages and posts, you will be allowed to set different display rules. And, MailMunch allows to make changes to these rules anytime you want. Similarly, different types of slide boxes can be created by it very efficiently.

MailMunch Pricing

It is possible to grab a license of MailMunch in a monthly basis or in a yearly basis. In this review, we have mentioned the yearly pricing of this impressive solution. The Free License of this product is free of cost. It can be used on only one website. It allows to create unlimited forms. The Silver Plan can be bought by spending only 12 USD per month. This one is suitable for dealing with 3 different sites. An advanced analytics facility has been added to it. You will also enjoy an instant email notification system. The Gold License of MailMunch is available for only $20 per month. This license can handle five different websites. It comes with premium themes, A/B testing, and other advanced facilities. Similarly, you have to pay only $60 per month to enjoy the Agency License. It is able to deal with unlimited sites.

So, please purchase the software which helps to grow your email list with our latest review. Hopefully the MailMunch pricing will be really helpful for you.