Mailjet Discount: Get Fabulous Coupon and Review

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Mailjet Discount

Email marketing is and always will be an effective way of communicating with the customers. There are so many tools that can help you to cope with this form of marketing. Mailjet is one of these tools.

Benefits and Review of Mailjet

When you will deal with a few customers, it is very easy to create some emails and send to them. Sometimes, a person may hold a very big business. In that case, he may need to create and send so many emails. And, his target may a big number of customers. In such a case, a single user mailing solution is not enough. For this reason, my suggestion is to depend on Mailjet. This emailing platform can be handled by a team. That is why, it becomes very easy to deal with so many customers at a time. Avail the cool Mailjet features with our discount. Grab the Mailjet coupon easily following the procedure in the aforementioned image.

Features of the Program

Email creating: At the first step, the users need to create the emails. Here, you need to define the recipients and the desired emails. After that, Mailjet holds some built-in newsletter templates by which you can design the resources and the other functions. By depending on the e-commerce based task or the personal based, you can design the emails according to your choice by using the templates. The users will get the option of creating all the innovative emails in some few steps. Here, the users need to define the address of the customers by the name and the tailor communication system based on the past behavior. In this section, the second category is newsletter templates. Sometimes, users feel that they need to send out any email in a quick process while facing the limitations of resources. It offers a lot of built-in templates to format this function.

Sending: In the case of email sending process, the data segmentation process can apply. Through this term, you can easily sort the customers by depending on the preferences. Besides, you can assure the sorting process by depending on the characteristics and the past behavior. There exist some facilities like segmentation, send API, Parse API and Dedicated API. Here, the data segmentation system is applied to the proper sorting method.


Easy Email Creation

A drag and drop email builder is offered by Mailjet. This built in tool is an intuitive one. For this reason, even a newbie will be able to handle this with ease. It provides a mail template gallery. So many templates are added to this gallery. We know that many other mail creating solutions provide the templates. But, the most of these templates cannot create any compatible email. For this reason, that mails cannot be shown nicely to every customer inbox. Mailjet does not create this problem. It creates such emails that will support every customer inbox properly. This solution supports both the marketing and transactional emails.

List Segmentation

This solution is capable of growing the emails list pretty well. Sometimes, it can be necessary to collect some information regarding every customer. This solution will help you to do so. Similarly, it is able to work with the selected group of customers only. In doing so, Mailjet uses its list segmentation facility. That is why, you will be able to send the suitable mails depending on the customer interests and behaviors.

Mailjet offers the better sounding and the better insights process for the developers and the marketers. In the marketing section, the users can send out the better emails with the powerful insights through the analytics tools. After that, the developer section can be benefited through Mailjet. This offers the facilities for the developers to access the real time data from the Resentful APIs. After that, the section of Mailjet Flight School will appear. In this category, the users can browse for the needed library of the available resources for the email management system. In the email delivery system, this platform helps as a co-pilot. Besides, the supporting system is also available all the time here.

Mailjet review

Mailjet Discount, Plans and Pricing

There is no need to invest a lot to purchase Mailjet. This solution has one free plan and three paid plans. The Free Plan of this product supports 6000 emails per month. But, you will be able to send maximum 200 mails in each day. Its Basic Plan is available for only $8.69 per month without any promo code. It can work with 30 thousand emails in every month. There is no daily sending limit for this license. The Mailjet Premium also supports 30000 mails per month. But, it provides a multi-user collaboration facility. For this reason, you have to pay only $18.86/month to enjoy it, as per 4 November 2018. The Enterprise Plan of this product is a flexible one. You can grab it for any number of emails by paying a suitable amount.

Hence, avail the effective email services in 2021 to 2019 with our coupon. We believe, you will enjoy the Mailjet discount.