MailChimp Review : Email Marketing Platform for Small Business

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In the email marketing section, MailChimp is one of the effective and reliable names. It was founded in 2001. In fact, it runs as a web based application. But data may download from the offline mode. Almost 3.5 million users are using the facility of MailChimp. These users send more than 4 billion emails by using this service. It contains the ability to make a combination between email marketing with the humor. In a word, MailChimp is an outstanding way to establish the campaign in the email marketing section.


MailChimp Review

In the campaign of email marketing, MailChimp is one of the reliable names. It started its activities from 2001. The activities of MailChimp mainly performed as a web based application. But it also provides the facility of downloading the data by keeping it in offline mood. Now the facilities of MailChimp are provided among 3.5million users. These users send more than 4 billion mails in a single month through this package. The name of MailChimp was going to be referred as ChimpMail. But it didn’t find this name due to the domain name. MailChimp uses a logo which is an ape. Besides, it also uses many ape-type graphics in the website as well as in the communication section. But users can also turn off this facility.

Why Use this Application

In MailChimp user can add the HTML design or other templates. User can choose those templates from a huge collection. You can also add the image file. The templates and the images can be saved for using them in later. You can also customize them while using them. MailChimp allows the opportunity to connect with the social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This system is flexible for sharing the campaigns of the email campaign. Moreover, the updated information can upload easily on these networking sites.

Sometimes, the emails look different to the users depending on the using format of the subscriber. To solve this complexity, MailChimp has enabled more than 10 email clients which are mostly used by the subscriber. Besides, it also allows a way to control the previewing system of the emails. Before sending the email campaign, MailChimp sends them to Delivery Doctor. In this portion the campaign is tested systematically. If it finds anything wrong, then it previews a red flag. Moreover, it can detect the errors in the messages through the HTML code as well as the spam score.

Features of the Tool

MailChimp allows many effective and beneficial features for the flexibility of the users. The email marketing campaign can fulfill with the connection of social networking sites. MailChimp allows the tools to establish the connection with the social networking sectors as well as the pages. Then, by applying only a single click, the email campaigning process can be updated through Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and so on. Besides, it also creates a way to preview the users who have visited or liked the business.

mailchimp review

Advantages and Features

MailChimp allows almost 10 well known email clients that the subscriber uses. In this way, the mails will be appearing in the same format to all the subscribers. Moreover, it also ensures the best quality of previewing format of the mails. By using the MailChimp, user can add the design process through the HTML coding. It also allows many templates for the customization system. Moreover, images and customizable templates can add systematically. When, any user sends any email marketing campaign, it will be sent first to the Delivery Doctor. In this section, check the campaign.

MailChimp analyzes every data for the excellent visual presentation in different format. Here, you will also view the graphical system where the customer interaction will be displayed in the email campaigning process. Above all, MailChimp allows a huge amount of features for establishing the mail marketing services more enjoyable.