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Avail attractive 10% cash back for any Magnetichq license (Express, Premium or Enterprise) as Magnetichq discount. Please check out the Magnetichq image for discount.

Magnetichq Discount

Every agency should deal with various projects. Hence, a workflow management solution is very much important. In this consideration, Magnetichq is a top quality solution. It helps to be successful in running various projects. A big number of agencies consider it as the top workflow manager.

A Small Review of the Magnetichq

A project is not just a single task. It is a combination of so many small tasks. You should complete so many works to complete a single project. In the same fashion, there can be a big number of workers. It is almost impossible to handle all these things by your own. That is why, a workflow management solution is very much important. This type of solution can help in every part of a campaign. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of solutions for this task. Magnetichq is one of these few options. Enjoy the brilliant Magnetichq features with our coupon. The Magnetichq discount is going to come in handy. Here are some major features and facilities of this solution:

Intelligent Dashboard

One of the biggest advantages of Magnetichq is its top quality dashboard. This intelligent dashboard will let you know almost everything regarding a project. That is why, you can make some necessary changes before running any project. Similarly, it can consider various indicators for judging the progress of a project. We know that every single project contains several tasks. Each of these tasks should have a deadline. Magnetichq is capable of showing all these deadlines on a single board. In other word, it helps to control your project from a single dashboard.


Built in Invoicing

This solution comes with a built in invoicing facility. Sometimes, you may deal with the projects of some clients. In such a case, creating some invoices is very much important. This solution is capable of doing with ease. On the other hand, it can be integrated with various payment gateways. That is why, there is no need to worry about getting the payment very quickly. Magnetichq has a time and resource tracking facility. You can track the time from anywhere by using a very simple app. It helps to track every employee too.

Magnetichq Discount and Pricing Option

Usually, a manager needs a workflow management software for at least a year. If billed annually, the price of Magnetichq is pretty impressive. As per this post creating time, it costs only 250R per user excluding the discount. You have to buy it for at least 4 users. In other word, it is a team license. A proper training may be needed for every new user of this platform. It includes an online training facility. There is no additional charge for this training facility. Magnetichq has a free plan too. You can enjoy this free license for 14 days. It offers a mobile app. This app will let you connect with its team very easily.

So, please grab the workflow management software with our coupon. We hope, you are going to enjoy the Magnetichq discount.