MacKeeper Premium License Review : Protects Your Mac

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This is one of the three types of license offered by the famous software company MacKeeper. To enjoy 16 different but useful products with lifetime license period you can buy this package. You can also enjoy the live chat facility with this. This package offers full system fix program.

mackeeper premium license

MacKeeper Premium License

This package offers the best service among all the three packages provided by the MacKeeper brand. If you buy this package then you get priority to MacKeeper when you call the 24 hour customer service. It also offers 16 products of MacKeeper like the other packages. Some of the products are:

MacKeeper Anti-theft

One of the best products of MacKeeper brand is the Anti-theft, which will help you to locate your lost Mac device and catch the thief by providing you the photo of the thief.

For finding out your lost Mac device you must have to use this exclusive tool. It has the capability to show you the location of your lost devices and the snapshot of the thief of your device.

MacKeeper Update Tracker

It is another useful product which will automatically find out the apps and programs which needs to be updated. You just have to select the programs you want to update and then this tool will install the updates of those programs.

The type of operation of this Update Tracker tool is very simple. It will scan and find out all the apps which are out of date and need to be updated, show you the chart so that you can choose which you want to update and then start updating.

MacKeeper Backup

The Backup tool will make the backup of all the files on all the drives of your Mac by the schedule selected by you. To create the backup files, it will need some time, which depends on the size of the memory storage of your Mac device.

It will create the backup files of all the internal and external drives of your Mac device in a very short time. It will follow the schedule selected by you to create the backup files.

MacKeeper File Recovery

If you need to restore the files which have been deleted from your device then you can use this File Recovery tool. Almost all the document, photos and multimedia files can be recovered by this exclusive software in a short time.

Data Recovery tool of MacKeeper brand can recover your files which are deleted intentionally or accidentally. It will find out almost all the deleted photos, videos, songs, documents and any other files. After creating the list of the files which can be recovered it will show you the list and you can select the files which are needed. Then it will restore those with no damage to the files.

mackeeper premium license review

MacKeeper Fast Cleanup

One of the best cleanup tools of the world is the one of MacKeeper. It can remove all the unnecessary files and parts of files and application from your device to make it fast. It also cleans the log and cache files.

MacKeeper Internet Security

It works against all the viruses, spywares and malwares to protect your Mac device. Email threats will also be stopped by this tool. It will block all the dangerous websites before you enter into those. It also stops and deletes the threat of all the external drives connected to your Mac. The security can work efficiently in all the Mac supported browsers.

It is very strong Mac security tool which has top class virus detection power. It will save all of your identity from the hackers and the phishing websites. The websites which are very dangerous for your Mac will be blocked by this tool. The email spams and other email threats will not get any chance to reach your email inbox. The spywares and the malwares also will be stopped by this software.