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Lookeen coupon

There are different kinds of Windows, desktop, and email search tools. Instead of buying all these things separately, you can purchase Lookeen. This single solution is able to provide customized search options for different platforms.

Review of Lookeen

We have seen lots of tools that are useful for searching something on the desktop. There are a big number of Windows search solutions. The most of these tools are not up to the mark. More importantly, these are not usually capable of finding out something on email servers, Exchange servers, and other servers. To solve all these issues, we suggest Lookeen. This amazing software can easily find out necessary files from desktops, drives, and email servers. It is suitable for individuals and teams. Its top features are as follows:

Desktop Solution

Lookeen has a top quality desktop search option. It will save you valuable time at a big margin. Sometimes, we forget the name of a necessary file. But, we remember the content of a file. This software will let you insert anything present in the content of a file. And then, it will find out the exact file. Along with the files saved on your desktop, this solution is capable of performing the same operation with emails. You should not worry about the number of files. It is capable of searching unlimited items saved on all your drives. Lookeen has a real-time indexing function. That is why, its results will always be updated. While dealing with text files, this software is even more effective. Any text file can be saved and edited from the preview option. No additional software will be required for that. Get the searching tool with our coupon. Grab the Lookeen discount now.


Windows Search

We know that Windows OS has a built in search bar to find out necessary items from drives. But, that search bar is time consuming. You may need to wait several minutes to find out necessary files or folders. To solve this issue, Lookeen comes with a top quality search option. Just enter a keyword there and have a list of items related to that keyword in a few seconds. As it has lots of filters, your search result will be more effective. Lookeen supports almost all versions of Windows OS, Outlook, and Exchange Server.

Outlook Search

People often purchase a separate solution for searching something in Outlook. After purchasing Lookeen, there is no need to do so. Its built-in Outlook Search tool is very effective. You can find out all kinds of emails, contacts, appointments, attachments, and tasks by using this software. To find out these things, it will search different places on Outlook. Some of these sources are attachments, folders, servers, and PST data. The Outlook Search tool of Lookeen offers a custom search option. For example, it searches for senders, recipients, and subjects. Sometimes, you may need to get the emails that are exchanged on a specific date or period. In such cases, this solution will let you set the date before searching. Similarly, it can search emails with respect to signatures, attachments, and addresses.

The Lookeen advantages can be enjoyed with our discount offered. Extra coupon is not needed for the program.

Lookeen pricing

Virtual Operations

From our previous points, you may have understood the capability of Lookeen as a desktop and outlook search tool. Along with all these features, it has some other features related to the virtual world. After buying this software, there is no need to depend on another tool for searching on VMware, Terminal Server, and Exchange Server. It is fully compatible with all these virtual platforms. That means, you can find out necessary items stored on these platforms. There are lots of ordinary solutions that cannot search graphic items. And, it also supports each and every common file format. But, Lookeen can do so without any problem. Its advanced search bar provides custom searching options. Different types of filters are there. You just have to set the necessary filter and make any search session faster.

Lookeen Coupon & Pricing

Lookeen has three different editions. The Standard Edition is available for only USD 69 for a single user. It comes with every basic feature discussed till now. By paying for it once, you will be able to enjoy it for a lifetime. Sometimes, you may need to purchase a license for multiple users. In such cases, the business edition is a suitable one. Its base price is USD 99 only without the coupon in 2020.

As it supports multiple users, some administrative facilities will be required. That is why, it includes lots of group policies. These policies will help administrators or IT professionals to control other users. Lookeen Enterprise edition is more feature-rich. It can be bought by paying only USD 169. This solution includes the exchange server search option. That means, users will enjoy the shared index facility by using this advanced edition. If you need to purchase this software for more than one hundred users, then you have to communicate with the providers to enjoy a volume offer.

Hence, please get the product with offered discount and enjoy all the features and benefits. Hopefully the Lookeen coupon will be amazing for you.