Long Tail Pro Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Long Tail Pro discount

Long Tail Pro helps to uncover a big list of ranking for keywords that users can use to rank their site in any search engine very easily. It digs down through the internet and finds the competitive keywords in the search engine that will help users to defeat the competitors in the business by using creative keywords. All the traffic of this application is provided in many different niches. Users can focus on multiple different niches if they want to and find competitive keywords that can rank websites faster. Users can spend up to 1 hour to find the keywords that are competitive enough. At the end of spending 1-hour, users can easily be able to get 3 keywords that have low competition in online business. The keywords with low competition are underutilized and not every person is focusing on those keywords.

Brief Introduction of Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro helps to edge the competition by using the keywords that nobody uses in the market. As a result, the competitors will not even able to track down the keywords. It has been designed in a completely simple set and form. The program can be used by anybody at any given point and they can gain success. Users do not even have to professional in finding keywords in the search engine.

Long Tail Pro saves a massive amount of time users normally have to spend on market research. Users normally need to spend days on research to find the correct keyword for their target market. It is even way more difficult as the market is very competitive to find the long tail and low competitive keywords manually. All these can be done in an hour by using Long Tail Pro. Get the tool with our discount. Grab the Long Tail Pro coupon now.

2x Traffic

Long Tail Pro will help to increase the traffic conversion to the site by 2 times. Users can individually rank each keyword product page in the Google search engine. It will not only help to bring way the more amount of traffic and audience to the site, but also the way most amount of sales. So imagine having 2 times higher amount of traffic to the site. If users want to get long head keywords with Long Tail Pro, users can get it too very easily.

The program has the unique capacity of providing 400 keyword suggestions for one heading or title. If you want to dig deep and find the long-tail keywords yourself, you can choose the keyword from these 400 keywords suggestions that are tried and tested. Users just need to set up the filters by adding their CPC rate, rank value, and search volume to get the keyword.

Long Tail Pro

Competitor Analysis

For any business, it is important to analyze and understand the strategy of the competitors. Long Tail Pro has not only helped to defeat the competitors, but also users can come up with a unique strategy to beat the competitors. Long Tail Pro has a competitor keywords mode to make the work of the users easier. This mode is a unique model that helps users to analyze the page of the competitors and see what kind of keywords they are using and what kind of keywords choices are working for them. Long Tail Pro brings all the metrics from the core for the users to understand the mindset of the competitors. Users will be able to find the metrics, competitor keyword strategy, and the process of keyword selection. As a result, users can straight away steal the strategy of the competitor and select the keyword that is working.

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Pull Keyword Metrics in Seconds

Long Tail Pro pulls the keyword metrics as soon as users search for keywords and help users understand which keyword will work or not. As a result, users can straight away understand whether to move forward with the keyword selection or not. It makes the process simpler and easier for users.

Keyword Research Tool

Tools to Spy

Long Tail Pro provides all the important tools that will help users to spy on the competitor’s strategy with ease. Users can uncover many hidden details about the competitor’s strategy by spying on them. Users can pick up data of citation flow, trust flow, site age and much more information about the domain as well. It has rank tracker that helps users to track the rank on a daily basis. The keyword list gets updated on a daily basis so that users can strategies there next time on the go with ease.

Long Tail Pro Discount & Pricing

Long Tail Pro has all 3 packages priced at annually. The software provides the agency package priced at only 98 dollars that is priced on a monthly basis. The agency package will allow the users to manage multiple accounts. The annual pro package is priced at only 45 dollars per month without any promo code in 2021. The starter package of this tool is priced at only 25 dollars.

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