LogoMyWay Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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LogoMyWay coupon

Having a good logo for a company is not a very tough task anymore. You just have to use a suitable platform and start a contest. LogoMyWay is a great platform for having new logos with ease.

LogoMyWay Review

There are thousands of top quality logo designers outside. It is very tough to communicate with them and have suitable designs. That is why, we suggest to start a contest where they can participate and submit their designs. To run such contests, a suitable platform is required. If you are looking for such a platform, then LogoMyWay is recommended. This platform is very easy to access. It allows to post various contests with ease. Get the logo design contest platform with our coupon. Grab the LogoMyWay discount now. Some of its important features are as follows:

Very Easy Campaigns

Starting a logo designing campaign is not a difficult one anymore. You just have to fill out a form by describing a few regarding your business. Then the creative logo designer team of LogoMyWay will assess your needs and suggest various ideas. From these concepts, you have to choose a suitable design. Then, the chosen logo design can easily be downloaded. Sometimes, you may need to have variations of a logo. All these variations will be completely free. For every logo design, you will get proper files.


Tons of Designers

We have already said that the logo designs will be sent by a creative team. Actually, LogoMyWay has more than 30 thousand designers all over the world. Whenever you will submit a campaign, all the designers will be able to watch that. Then, they will start sending you design concept. There are several other platforms where you will get a few variants for a single logo. But, here you will get at least 70 to over 600 different designs. Hence, there is a full chance of getting a unique design. It is possible to use these logos on different things. For example, you can place these on T-shirts, business cards, and mugs. The vector files of each item will be delivered whenever you will finalize any design. The software will also provide the legal contract for every item. That means you will be the owner of the logo.

LogoMyWay Coupon & Pricing

LogoMyWay is an affordable platform for getting unique logos. To have a suitable design, a contest or campaign should be started. The listing fee for each contest is only $39 without the promo code. And, you have to set a prize for every concept. A bigger prize will bring a better logo. At least $200 should be spent to get 40-65 unique designs. There is a Medium Range of USD 350 to USD 550 where you will get 85-125 designs. And, there is another contest range where you have to spend USD 550 to USD 1000. In this case, more than 500 unique logo designs will be offered by the logo designers. The software charges and additional fee if you need to get a bigger number of designs for any logo.

Therefore, get the product with our offered discount and receive creative logo concepts. We hope the LogoMyWay coupon will offer all the features you need.