Livestorm Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Avail $50 cashback for purchasing Webinar Premium and $35 cashback for Meet Premium, providing as Livestorm discount. If you start with the free trial, you may claim the mentioned cashback as soon as you upgrade to the paid plan.

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Livestorm discount

Online meetings and webinars are very important nowadays. By using these media, you can easily communicate with the clients and audience all over the world. A suitable software is necessary for creating these webinars and meetings. Livestorm is a great choice for this task.

Review of Livestorm

There are lots of ways to communicate with customers and clients. To attract a big number of customers at a time, you have to offer webinar or web based seminars. Different types of webinars are out there. All these types of seminars can be generated by using a simple platform. The name of this platform is Livestorm . Nowadays, online meetings are very useful to serve customers, sell products, and deal with clients. This platform is capable of creating all kinds of online meetings. That means, there is no need to purchase multiple tools anymore for webinars and online meetings. Get the video conferencing software with our discount. Grab the Livestorm coupon now. Its major features and facilities are as follows:

Various Webinar Types

Most of the webinar solutions can create live webinars. These online seminars are very much useful in attracting a big audience. Livestorm is capable of creating such seminars with ease. Along with that, you will be able to create some other types of online seminars. For example, it is capable of creating on-demand seminars. This type of webinars is pre-recorded. Interest people have to complete the necessary registration process to enjoy these webinars. Another important thing is, this software helps generating automated webinars. Offering live seminars is not the only essential thing. To engage more audience, you have to offer interactive events. For example, it is possible to add a live chatting facility. This facility can easily be added by Livestorm. Similarly, this software is capable offering polls, automated messages, and questions.


Supports All Browsers

Sometimes, online seminars or meetings do not support all kinds of browsers. That is why, a big number of audience miss your shows. Livestorm has a great solution to this problem. Each of its seminars is compatible with all the popular browser. That means, there will be no restriction to any attendee. Sometimes, you may need to integrate other tools to the online seminars. This task can be done very easily also. A very important thing is to convince audience for the next webinar. In doing so, several attempts can be made. Livestorm offers a separate widget that will show the schedule for next programs. This widget can be placed on any webinar with ease. Then, the number of attendees to your next programs will be increased automatically.

These Livestorm features may get with our provided coupon. Extra discount for the video conferencing software is not needed here.

Online Meeting

Different types of online meeting sessions are necessary for dealing with customers. Only a few tools are capable of creating these meetings. Livestorm Meet is one of these tools. This software can be used for making sales calls. Sometimes, you may need to provide a training to the customers after they purchase a product. In such cases, this type of online meeting is effective. Similarly, you can use these to offer various types of live trainings. Livestorm provides tons of important elements to its online meeting software. For example, there will be temporary meeting rooms. Each of these rooms will support up to 8 participants. Each participant will be able to share their screens. In this way, it will be easier to convince more customers. Sometimes, you may need to start a private meeting. This software allows to do so with ease.

Livestorm pricing

High Security Standards

One of the finest features of Livestorm is its top class security. While running online meetings or webinars, clients and customers may share personal or business related information. These data should not be accessed by others. For this reason, its security standards are very high. All the data will be encrypted properly. Another important thing is, you don’t have to purchase any software to backup any data. Livestorm will do that automatically. That is why, there is no chance of losing any important data. You will get a top quality customer support whenever it is necessary.

Livestorm Discount & Pricing

Livestorm provides tons of features. So, a big number of customers may be ready to grab it by paying a big amount. But, its price is very little. That is why, any person can afford it without any problem. The Webinar & Meet Basic license is a free one. It supports unlimited seminars and meetings. But, these seminars will support maximum 10 registrants. And, each meeting will support maximum 4 participants. As a professional, you must need more facilities. That is why, the Webinar Premium License is a suitable one. Its price starts from USD 99 per month for every host without any promo code in 2021. Every license supports 100 attendees as default. You can increase this number by paying an additional fee. Similarly, Livestorm offers Meet Premium for only USD 31. This online meeting license supports maximum 8 participants. And, there will be a single meeting room.

Therefore, please get the software with our coupon. We hope the Livestorm discount will helpful for creating webinars and meetings.