LIVEreel Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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LIVEreel coupon

LIVEreel Coupon Code

It is not mandatory to show anything actually live in a live streaming session. Rather, you can use prerecorded video for the session. In doing so, LIVEreel is a very good option. This tool is capable of live streaming on multiple social platforms.

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Review of LIVEreel

Marketers and other professionals need to go live to make a communication with their customers and clients. But sometimes, it becomes impossible to go live at a certain time. To solve this issue, an advanced scheduling and automated streaming solution are necessary. There are a few recommendable solutions. Among these, we suggest LIVEreel. This software is very easy to use and capable of working with various platforms. Get the program using our coupon that will help to prerecord videos. Grab the LIVEreel discount now. Here are some of its impressive features and facilities:

Advanced Scheduler

There is no need to stay in front of your computer or mobile phone during a live session anymore. LIVEreel is capable of creating a schedule for your streaming. In such cases, it can use videos that were recorded even months ago. That means, this tool allows you to sleep when a live streaming session is going on. There are various platforms on where these sessions can be streamed. This software supports almost every popular platform. Some of these websites are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, and Periscope. In a live streaming session, it is very important to engage the audience till its end. LIVEreel is capable of doing that very impressively. It uses attractive background music and show captions is different languages.


Private Messaging

We know, viewers can post comments during a live streaming session. They love to get answers to their queries. In such cases, LIVEreel will reply their comments automatically. That is why, more viewers will be engaged from the start to finish. Another important thing is to keep all the spammers out of a session. In doing so, this software can automatically moderate their comments. Similarly, it will send private messages to very commenters to generate more leads. After purchasing LIVEreel, there is no need to use another list building tool. This will add commenters to a private list so that you can communicate them further.

LIVEreel Promo Code & Pricing

Among two available licenses of this software, the Single License is available for only USD 45. This one is suitable for a single live video on 12 different social platforms every day. As it may be not enough for you, we suggest to purchase the Multi Edition. This one can be bought by paying only USD 47 without the coupon. By paying this little amount, you will be able to deal with 500 videos very day. All the basic and advanced features are available here. LIVEreel Multi has a built in A/B testing facility. So, you will be able to predict the performance of different videos. It also allows to broadcast these videos on your own websites.


Therefore, please get the program using our discount. For any further query about the LIVEreel coupon please contact us.