LiveCaster Review and Exclusive Pricing of the Tool

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Nowadays, online marketing provides a great way to earn a healthy stream of profitable income. However, a large pool of traffic is required to successfully make profitable sales. Gathering online traffic is a very time consuming task and it requires a lot of hard work. To tackle such problems, there are various software available for use.


Review of LiveCaster

LiveCaster delivers users with their live video solution to reach out to a larger audience on various social media platforms. By going live with promotional contents, a user can interact more effectively with active customers. Being heavily interactive means users can expect an increase in audience engagement. Audiences will get the opportunity to comment on users’ live videos limitless times and give instant feedback. Features such as notifying followers instantly whenever a user goes live are available. LiveCaster will provide a boost of three hundred percent in order to expand users’ live stream to a broader traffic. Users will get this huge boost automatically and there is no need to install any extra third-party software.

Ease of Usage

Unlike many other software out there, LiveCaster is extremely easy to get started with. This is because this software is extremely friendly to both new and experienced users. Options such as scheduling and managing live videos are also available. This allows users to simply plan out their next video session and wait for it to operate automatically. Users can also play their pre-recorded videos if they don’t feel like going live. For going live instantly, a specific live button is available. Therefore, with just a click of a button, users can instantly go live and start interacting.

Price Plans and Benefits

LiveCaster has two types of packages. Their monthly subscription package, Elite Monthly, can be purchased for $9.95. Elite Lifetime package can be purchased for $47 which involves a onetime payment. With just three basic steps users can easily get started using this software.

The Features under Live Drive

Live Drive fulfills some common features to ensure the back-up activities. These features are:

Various Packages: Live Drive offers various types of packages for the flexibility of using the format. Though all the packages contain the common functionalities, but there are also some variations due to the using format. It provides almost three common packages. Among of these, the business package contains the sufficient facilities for the business section. You can cover the back-up system almost for all the PC’s remains in the office. This program file is very flexible for the office section.

Data encryption method: While activating this program for any PC you will be asked to choose the scheduling process. At that time, you need to mention the data storage amount and time in the online drive. Then this program will automatically store the data from the local hard drive of the PC with the sufficient security method. While passing the data from the PC to the cloud drive, no person can’t be seen the content of the file. This ensures the best security method of the authorized user.

File sharing process: Besides, the file sharing possibility of the cloud drive system can be handled with the allowed functions. In fact; this is just a suitable platform for any user to back-up any type of data.