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The flexible communication system in our life is totally dependent on the online based. While running the online based communication method, we need to ensure the customer support and other facilities. While assuring the customer supporting system, you need to allow some conditions like live chat option and so on. For getting the live chat option, many companies have designed many programs with many functions. There are some differences while using those programs. Among of these programs, LiveAgent is a trusted one to the users. To ensure the helpdesk solution in your hand, this is one of the best products for the users. It affords a lot of functions by which you can get the best performance according to your need. Under any website, this plug-in is very helpful. Get this amazing plugin with the review pricing. Get this LiveAgent pricing today.

LiveAgent Review

LiveAgent and the Overview

LiveAgent offers a lot of functions in the case of customer support with the integration process of the Live Chat and the Helpdesk case. To get all the available functions from LiveAgent you won’t need to install the additional programs. You just need to install the basic program. Then you will be able to customize the contact button according to the wish. In various cases, this program is helpful like live chat, emails, Facebook, twitter etc.

The Features under the Solution

LiveAgent fulfills some systematic functions with the active features. These functional features are:

Ticket creating option: This active plug-in assures the users that they won’t miss any single email from their customers. In this system, the email is converted into the ticket. Then it is assigned into the actual department. After that it is referred to the agent to get the support.

Increase the online selling: You can ensure the selling option from your website with the helpful support of some software program. Live Agent is such an effective program. It offers the users add a chat option on your site. With the option of this button the customers can for a question to you. This is very helpful to increase the selling opportunity. Besides, you can be able to see what the customer is typing before s/he sends the message.

Voice Supporting Option

You can talk with your customers with the supportive tolls of LiveAgent. In the previous time, this process was handled with mobile phone. Now you can receive the calls simply on your PC. The conversation while talking with your customers will be stored like a message.

Monitor the Facebook activities: To archive the Facebook activity through the ticket system, LiveAgent provides a fixed tool. You can easily monitor and check over the wall posts on your Facebook page on a single page while using the provided tools of LiveAgent.

In conclusion, please purchase this interactive, multi-channel as well as easy to use software for customer service with the pricing. Enjoy this LiveAgent review in 2017.