Link Supercharger Discount: Get Coupon on Link Cloaking Software

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Avail Link Supercharger discount as 25% cash back. This 25% offer is for Single site license and multiple site license both. Kindly see the LS image below for this discount offering.

Link Supercharger Discount

Every website owner wants to get more traffic. Some click friendly links can bring a big traffic to their sites. There are different ways to generate these links. Link Supercharge is a great solution for this task. To make a huge amount of profit from online source, users need to maintain a targeted amount of traffic generation. But this process is not so simple at all. There exists many tools inside the market related to this. All of them are not suitable for the fresher. But, if you depend on Link Supercharger, then this task will be quite easy.

Overview on Link Supercharger

Link Supercharger is a software platform which has the ability to create professional level links. After creating these types of links, it can engage them to your site. Besides, it has the ability to add profitable pages in your website. This process will simply increase lead generation as well as traffic. If you found the LS overview impressive, then get this product with our provided discount. Just check out the instructions in aforementioned LS image and abide by them to grab the Link Supercharger coupon.

Summary of This

Link Supercharger is very effective to gain the needed traffic. To extract a fixed amount of revenue, this feature is a needed one term. To push the needed traffic, it allows all advanced level features. Here, it organizes some mandatory functionalities. The first term is the interface section. This interface section enables any user to create the cloaked or uncloaked redirects. With this tool, you can hit the counter for every link. This process can assure simple tracking as well as statistics. To switch over the link destination, it affords edit functionality. Then, you will find searchable listing. For creating multiple hot pages, it allows a different option. Here, you will also find single click sharing facility among the social networking site. This condition is very effective to manage a huge number of commissions and traffic.

Link Supercharger

Mandatory Facilities: Do you want to build up any complete page having traffic generated contents? Then this task can simply be controlled with Link Supercharger. It doesn’t allow third party cPanel, FTP and the uploading step. Here, you can apply built-in SEO features which are very simple to implement. This can simply improvise page rank in a quick way. To choose the page background and page colors, it affords an active option. From this part, you can maintain the corresponding activities. Therefore, you will observe the option to create header, footer or the body section inside page design. Then, you can integrate text links or graphical links. Around these links, you can create cool boxes and the borders. Moreover, you will be able to copy the available raw links for using them in Blogs and Email.

Impressive Interface

Link Supercharge is a newbie friendly tool. It comes with an impressive interface. Generally, a link generating tool is capable of creating either cloaked or uncloaked redirects. But, this interface will let you create both. After creating a link, it is very important to track that. This software will need only one click to do so. That means, there is no need to go to different websites to track the performance of your link. After tracking, this solution will provide different necessary stats. Sometimes, you may need to change the link destination. That is why, Link Supercharge always creates the customizable links.

Searchable Listing: After generating a few links, you will face no problem to find out and track those. But, a professional has to work with thousands of links. In that case, it is problematic to find out to memorize and remember every item. For this reason, this solution has a searchable listing facility. It helps to find out any link with ease. Link Supercharge helps to categorize all your links with respect to different terms. Then, it can create some hot pages with ease. It creates the links in such a way that there will be a big traffic in a quick time. Social sharing is another great feature of this software. It requires only one click to share on different social pages.

Link Supercharger Pricing

Link Supercharger Discount and Pricing

You can purchase Link Supercharge for a single domain. The actual fee for this license is only $67. But, as per this post creating time, it is available for only $29.95 after the discount. Compared to this license, the Multi-Site license is even more attractive. You just have to pay 39.95 USD to grab it. Then, it can be used on unlimited domains. There is no risk in purchasing this product because it has a 30-day money back guarantee. The built-in hot page builder of Link Supercharge is capable of creating some shareable hot pages very quickly. These pages will bring the traffic very quickly. That means, you will get your invested amount back in no time.

So, use our coupon to get the link cloaking software at a cheaper price. We hope, you are going to like the Link Supercharger discount.