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Avail LinguaScribe discount as 25% cash back for any plan: Elite monthly or Elite yearly. Please check the LinguaScribe image below for discount.

LinguaScribe discount

LinguaScribe provides completely engaging life-like voice overs that can be used to draw attention and sales. The software is designed in a way that can be effective for those who are looking for doing voice-over in their videos. Hiring real voice-over artists can be expensive at times. It provides the voice-overs that will sound human-like and the voice-overs that can attract most of the audience. So here users are not only saving time of doing voice-overs, but also saving costs of hiring voice over artists.

LinguaScribe Review

LinguaScribe provides the package with automatic updates for 1 year. For 1 year you do not need to pay any extra money as the update will come from the application without facing any issue. The automated upgrade of the application also will help to increase the functionality. It provides directories in local languages so that it can attract more audience. Collection and search engines all can be designed with local languages to optimize the conversion rate. The software is completely web-based which makes it easier to use for anybody. Since it is completely web-based, there is nothing additional that you need to download. Grab the program to get life-like voice overs using our discount. Grab the LinguaScribe coupon now.

Features of the Application

You can simply use this application form online. LinguaScribe can be used by newbies as efficiently as professionals. The user manual is complete and designed with the set and forget method. Once you set the language conversion, you can forget about it. The software will convert the voice-overs into multiple languages within just one click. As a result, people get the freedom to promote their video content in multiple markets and make money easily. It comes with 500 minutes of audio conversion. You can just upload the audio and the program will convert it into any language you want.


High-quality Leads

LinguaScribe provides high-quality voice-over so that people can get leads that come for the long term. There is no need to burn the budget more than competitors, you will get better leads in a limited budget by using this tool. It also provides choices for accents that people want to use. Some people might want to promote their videos in the UK, so their preference for voice-over accents might British English accents. Some might want to change the different voices for voice-overs, the software provides choices of voices from where you can choose the voice overs.

LinguaScribe Discount & Pricing

LinguaScribe has 2 packages at the moment. It has a monthly payment and a yearly payment. The monthly price is fixed at only 37 dollars. The yearly payment is priced at only 54 dollars without the discount in 2020. So both of the packages have a different price range. The software includes up to 100 different language translations that are artificial intelligence-powered. So the translation will be much easier to control.

Therefore, please get the software with the offered coupon here. We hope the LinguaScribe discount will help to attract a lot of attention and sales.