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LifterLMS discount

Nowadays, lots of people offer free and paid online courses. These courses can bring a big revenue in a quick time. You can also generate these courses with ease. But, in doing so, a reliable platform is required. LifterLMS is considered as a top quality course generating solution.

Review and Features of LifterLMS

We often think that generating online courses is difficult. A lesson may take several hours to be created. After that, we have to post these lessons and evaluate student performances. Some other important tasks are also there. All these tasks can be completed very easily by using LifterLMS. This amazing solution is able to generate all kinds of free and paid courses. These multimedia based courses will bring a big revenue very shortly after being offered. If you are happy with the amazing review then grab the solution cheaply with our discount. The LifterLMS coupon will help you to save money.

Amazing Course Builder

A drag and drop course builder is one of the best features of LifterLMS. You may know about various other course builders. The most of these provides multiple screens to build courses. That means, you have to access various screens to generate a single course. But, this solution provides a single place to do so. All the necessary things are added to this single screen. Hence, your task can be done very easily. Another important thing is its drag-and-drop functionality. You just have to pick some elements and drop that on this single screen. And then, LifterLMS will create the required course in a quick time. An online course may have several lessons. There is no need to offer all these lessons to learners. Rather, you can use a prerequisite system. A learner will be allowed to access next lessons after completing the previous one.


Creates Multimedia Lessons

Conventional lessons rarely make online courses attractive. An online course should be accessed by using computers and mobile devices. That is why, people will love to see images, videos, and other media contents in it. LifterLMS is able to generate multimedia lessons with ease. For this reason, your courses will attract a big number of people in a quick time. Content dripping is another nice feature of this product. If you make a content available over time, it will grab more focus from every learner. At the same time, you will make a big revenue in the future. Sometimes, a learner may be allowed to download a lesson after completion. LifterLMS will help to do so. This solution creates downloadable documents and media files for every lesson.

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Generates Quizzes

Offering lessons or courses is not the only important thing. Learners generally love to judge their performances by taking part in quizzes. No other tools are required to create these quizzes based on lessons. LifterLMS is useful for generating these quizzes with ease. Actually, this tool is able to create multimedia quizzes by using various types of contents. Offering infinite time for quizzes is not a good idea. It will not judge learner properly. That is why, this solution allows to set timers for the quizzes. After the time is over, a learner will not be able to answer a quiz. LifterLMS allows to create several assignments. A manual grading system will judge the assignment performance of every learner.

LifterLMS review

Different Add-Ons

We have already mentioned that the LifterLMS licenses should be accessed with several add-ons. Now let’s have a look at these add-ons. It provides a tool for creating private areas on a site. These areas will help to communicate with students privately. So, you will be able to engage them more. Sometimes, creating advanced quizzes can be necessary. In such cases, another add-on of this solution is useful. Such WordPress LMS plugin can create tests and grade exams. All kinds of short answers, and descriptive answers can be evaluated with it. Similarly, the LifterLMS Assignments are another impressive add-on. You will be able to assign exams to students and evaluate their performances with ease.

LifterLMS Discount and Pricing

We have mentioned a few features of LifterLMS in this review. These features actually worth a very big price. But, as it is a tool for students and learners, you don’t have to pay a big amount for it. Three different licenses are out there. The price of the Startup License depends on the number of add-ons included here. Its price starts from 99 USD only without any promo code. You will be able to use it in only one active website. Compared to this license, the Professional License is more cost effective. Only USD 299 should be paid per year to grab it. You will be able to use it on 5 active websites. Four incredible add-ons are added here. Similarly, the Elite Bundle of LifterLMS can be bought by paying only USD 999 per year. It is able to work with unlimited websites.

Therefore, avail the top quality online course generating solution using our coupon. If you have any query about LifterLMS discount, then please contact with us.