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Enjoy exclusive Leadworx discount as 15% cash back for any monthly or yearly license (Startup, Team or Premium). Kindly see the LW image below for discount.

Leadworx Discount

There are various sources of leads. Sometimes, you may not know some leads which you have. To solve this issue and to get more leads, I recommend to use the Leadworx. This amazing platform will let you have a view of so many companies to grab more leads in a quick time.

A Small Review of Leadworx

It is not possible for any business to grow without having a big number of leads. Normally, an online marketer runs various campaigns to grab more customers and leads. But, most of these campaigns get failed for the lack of efficient tools and strategies. That is why, a big number of leads cannot be grabbed. Leadworx can solve this problem very efficiently. By using this analytics tool, you will be able to know about every visitor of your website. And, it will also provide some other information. Get the amazing LW features cheaply with our discount. Have the Leadworx coupon from here. Here are some major features and facilities of this solution:

Identify More Customers

It is a fact that a website can be visited a big number of visitors. A big portion of these visitors can be the potential customers. That is why, you have to track each and every visitor. In doing this task, Leadworx is very much efficient. It will inform you about the sources from which these visitors come. Another important thing is every website owner and online marketer visits the websites of their competitors. Your sites may also be visited by the competitors. Leadworx will track each of them very efficiently. From this tracking results, you will be able to know which competitors want to overcome your strategy.


Behavior Tracking

To establish a more profitable business, it is very important to know about the customer demands. In doing so, you have to track their behavior on your website. This solution is capable of doing this task very efficiently. It can find out the pages which are visited frequently by a particular visitor. It will indicate the interest of that visitor. Leadworx is a suitable solution for any marketing team. After collecting any data, you will be allowed to share that with different members of your group.

Leadworx Discount and Pricing Plans

Like any other top quality lead tracking solution, Leadworx also has a different pricing options. You can grab each of these as a monthly basis or as a yearly basis. In this review, the monthly costs in a yearly billing system are mentioned as per 26 May 2018. The Basic License of this product will cost only $15 per month. It is capable of viewing 100 unique companies. To deal with 250 companies, the Startup License is offered. It costs only 39 USD/month excluding the discount. Leadworx Team License can be purchased by spending only 99 USD/month. It is capable of viewing 1000 companies. And, its Premium License is available for 199 USD/month. It can deal with three thousand unique companies.

Therefore, please grab the B2B lead generation platform with our coupon. We hope, the Leadworx discount will impress you.