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LeadGrab discount

It is possible for anybody to drive traffic and social proofs from any website. In doing so, you just have to put a suitable lead-grabbing element on that site. LeadGrab is an amazing solution that helps adding these elements.

Review and Features of LeadGrab

Every webpage becomes more effective in lead generation if you add some necessary elements. For example, you can add some opt-ins, images, and buttons there. Generally, people use different tools to create and add these elements. But, you can add all these by using a single solution. The name of that solution is LeadGrab. It comes with lots of important features and facilities. Get the tool cheaply with our discount. Grab the LeadGrab coupon now.


Generate Various Elements

Dealing with only one lead catching option for promotional projects is not a very good idea. There are various ways to do so. LeadGrab supports all these techniques. For example, full-screen pages lead collecting pages can be added over your webpages. Some people may not need to add these full-screen elements. They can add attention-grabbing texts on their pages. Conventional opt-ins are also very useful for getting more leads. This software helps placing various buttons on your pages to drive traffic from one page to another. Similarly, it allows to add different images for this task. We know that there are various email marketing platforms. LeadGrab can be integrated with multiple popular email marketing platforms.

Amazing Themes Available

LeadGrab comes with a big collection of themes. Each theme can easily be customized with your own color schemes. Generating a lead grabbing page is not the only important thing. You have to place each of these pages, buttons, and images on the right positions of your pages. This software will help doing so with ease. Creating a custom display URL can also be done very easily. This URL will be branded for the targeted domain. On every lead grabbing element, LeadGrab will help adding shortened and trackable links. That is why, your links will look very clean and professional. This solution helps adding social sharing options on each of the lead collecting elements. You can also add pre-populated messages. That is why, people will share those to their social media profiles and pages.

LeadGrab Discount and Pricing

We have mentioned a few major features of this solution. Now, let’s talk about its pricing. The actual price of it is USD 200 without the discount. But now, you can access its license by paying only USD 97. Along with that, there is a 30-day money back guarantee that proves its quality. There are some extra facilities that have made this software even more powerful. For example, almost every other similar tool supports a certain number of leads. But, LeadGrab is capable of generating unlimited leads. Similarly, it supports unlimited page views. You don’t have to depend on any other tracking tools. This solution has a built-in conversion tracking tool.

Therefore, please purchase the traffic generating software with our coupon. for any information about LeadGrab discount please contact us.