LeadFuze Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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LeadFuze discount

There are various types of lead generation tools. All these tools are not suitable for all kinds of projects. But, it is better to purchase a versatile software. LeadFuze can be considered as a versatile lead generation software that can work with almost all kinds of projects.

LeadFuze Review

Generally, marketers purchase a specific type of lead capturing software. Whereas, recruiters need a separate type of tool for capturing leads. After creating a big list, more tools are necessary to validate, deduplicate, and filter that list. Instead of purchasing all these tools, we recommend LeadFuze. This versatile software does not need the help of other tools for generating and customizing list of leads. Another important thing is its price is completely affordable. It comes with almost every feature that a marketer, business leaders, and recruiters may need. Avail the lead generation software now with our discount. Grab the LeadFuze coupon now. Here are some of these features:

Suitable for Salespeople

Salespeople often face problems while finding out actual contact data and leads. They usually depend on conventional lead generating tools. But, these tools cannot provide a big list of profitable leads. On the other hand, LeadFuze is an excellent solution for salespeople. It is capable of finding out tons of leads. In doing so, it searches more than 300 million people first. Then, this software can find out the desired leads. Along with every lead, it collects necessary contact info. Sometimes, you may need to use only a specific type of contacts. LeadFuze comes with an advanced filtering facility. By using this facility, it is very easy to get the contacts that are necessary. Similarly, its advanced search option allows to find out contacts as per company names, or the names of specific people. You are allowed to lead one hundred search terms at a time.


Hyper-target Leads

Unlike other lead generating software and tools, LeadFuze is capable of collecting leads by its hyper-targeted search facility. For example, you may look for leads who are working in a particular company. This software will find out them with ease. There is no need to deal with every entry of a list and find out necessary ones anymore. Only a few clicks are enough for that. A specific person can be found out also. In that case, you can set his contact number or any other suitable search term. LeadFuze is suitable for HR leaders who are looking for suitable candidates for their jobs. In doing so, it will also search millions of people and create the desired list. In that case, you can get the lists of candidates who have a big experience and who are newbies.

These LeadFuze features could be availed here with our coupon. No other extra discount is not needed for the lead generation tool.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most important features of LeadFuze is its artificial intelligence or A.I. that automates various works. After generating a list, people often use another tool to validate every email address. There is no need to do that anymore. This software has a built in validation system. That means, each entry on your list will be valid. That is why, there will be a zero percent bounce rate. Similarly, there can be duplicate entries in any list. You don’t have to purchase another software to remove these duplicate entries. The artificial intelligence of LeadFuze will do that every efficiently. You just have to set the criteria once. Then, its amazing bot will add new leads whenever it finds that match your criteria.

LeadFuze pricing

Upcoming Features

LeadFuze does provide a constant set of features. Rather, its developers always try to update it with more features. As an example, you will get an API in the near future. This API will let you enrich every contact with more details like job history, skill, and education etc. It is also able to enrich company details with technologies, job openings, and ad budgets, etc. Sometimes, you may need to use a list in other apps. In those cases, the LeadFuze API will let you integrate with those apps. Then the list can easily be imported without any manual process. That means, you will be allowed to export your list to any CRM.

LeadFuze Discount & Pricing

The Starter License of LeadFuze is available with 500 lead credits in 2021. To purchase this one, you have to pay only USD 132.30 per month without any promo code. This licenses is capable of creating unlimited lists. After purchasing it once, you can add more lead credits by paying an additional fee. It is actually suitable of individual sales representatives, business owners, and recruiters. There is another license named the Scaling Plan. Its price starts from USD 447.30 per month. Initially, every license includes 2500 lead credits. That means, it is more cost effective. You can add more credits as per necessity. This one is suitable for teams and agencies. Similarly, there is a custom license of LeadFuze. You have to contact with the provider to get this license, which is suitable for more than five users.

Hence, please get the software with our offered coupon to find new leads. For any kinds of query about the LeadFuze discount please contact us.