LambdaTest Coupon: Cool Discount on Cross Browser Testing Tool

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LambdaTest Coupon

Browser compatibility is one of the most important features for any website. You have to ensure your website is very compatible that anyone can access it from any browser without any problem. To test this compatibility, you can use LambdaTest.

A Quick Review of the LambdaTest

Adding so many contents is not the only important thing to make a website popular. You have to ensure that the site can be seen by each visitor well. That means, your site should be compatible with the browsers and device screens of visitors. There are only a few tools that help to check this compatibility. LambdaTest is one of these tools. This tool is capable of checking the compatibility with over two thousand browsers. Avail the capable tool with our discount coupon. Grab the LambdaTest discount today. Some of its amazing features are as follows:

Supports All Browsers

There are different types of desktop browsers. Some of these are latest, and some are classics. LambdaTest helps to find out the compatibility of a website with each of these browsers. Nowadays, a big part of visitors come from various types of mobile device. For this reason, you have to make your site mobile friendly. This tool will help to find out the mobile browser compatibility of a site and its pages. This is actually an online testing tool. You will also be allowed to track the operating system compatibility of a website. As it is an online solution, it will always be updated. So, LambdaTest runs its operations with the latest versions of any browser. Some supported browsers are Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Yandex.


Screenshot Capturing

LambdaTest has an amazing screenshot capturing program. This automated program will show you how your site actually looks on different device screens and browsers. That means, it will give you the real picture of your website compatibility. Sometimes, it can be necessary to work with several group members. LambdaTest will help to collaborate with these members with ease. The Lambda Tunnel is another great feature of this tool. It helps to test any kind of locally hosted pages with ease. A visual regression testing tool is another smart feature of this powerful tool.

LambdaTest Coupon Code & Pricing

The Solo Plan of this solution is suitable for dealing with one concurrent session with 5 users. It supports any kind of 3rd party app integration. Unlimited real time testing is one of its major features. You have to pay only $15 per month excluding the coupon in a yearly billing system to use this license. LambdaTest Pro is another impressive license that supports 2 concurrent sessions with 10 different users. Its monthly cost is only $25 as per 25 December 2018. This solution has a Customized Plan also. It can be bought for more than 15 concurrent sessions. Your cost will depend on the number of sessions for which it will be purchased.

Hence, please take advantage of the free cross browser testing tool with our discount. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the LambdaTest coupon.