Kutools For Excel Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Kutools For Excel discount

Though there are lots of spreadsheet apps, MS Excel is still the most popular tools to deal with spreadsheets. It provides tons of facilities. You can even add more facilities with the help of Kutools For Excel. This is a very popular product of ExtendOffice.

Kutools For Excel Review

There should be any question on the effectiveness of MS Excel. This spreadsheet application has made our life easier. We keep and calculate lots of data every day by using it. After saving necessary data, we arrange, filter, and process those for creating impressive results. Though MS Excel provides lots of facilities, it is possible to combine more functions to bring more from this software. In doing so, Kutools For Excel is very impressive. This solution is very easy to use, and make your tasks even easier. Get the spreadsheet app with our discount. Grab the Kutools For Excel coupon now. Let’s have a look at its impressive features and facilities:

Navigation Panels

Kutools For Excel comes with a navigation option. From there, you will get five navigation panes. These panels are very useful in dealing augmenting Excel with different features. So, you will be able to have a quick look at all your worksheets and workbooks. Sometimes, a user may need to go to a specific column or cell. This software is very helpful in doing so. The navigation pane itself is a flexible one, you will be able to drag that and drop on any place depending on the necessity. The reading layout is another great feature of Kutools For Excel. For this feature, it is possible to highlight an entire row or column, or active cells. Then, only these highlighted cells can be shown in reading mode. Its enhanced edit bar will help add essential formulae with ease. This software has lots of view options also.

Kutools For Excel

Various Charts

Along with every basic feature, the new version of Kutools For Excel comes with lots of new features. For example, it supports dumbbell plot charts. By using a dumbbell plot chart, you will be able to compare multiple sets of data. Then, the comparison will be shown with lines in a chart. This software comes with the progress ring chart. This type of chart is suitable for showing the progress of a project. Such information can also be shown by a percentage ball chart. Similarly, this software has a progress bar chart also. Other charts that are offered by Kutools For Excel are difference area chart, dot chart, and lollipop chart, etc.

The features of Kutools For Excel can be availed with the coupon here. Do not require additional discount for the amazing software.

Formula Helper

It is fact that we use different formulae in Excel to complete tasks in an easier fashion. Kutools For Excel will make these things even more interesting. It has a formula helper that will let you apply more useful formulae. For example, you may need to find out the number of times a specific word is mentioned in a cell or a range of cells. This task can be done with a single formula. Similarly, it is possible to find out the number of total words in a cell or a range in an Excel file. Along with these statistical formulae, Kutools for Excel is helpful in applying various mathematical formulae. For example, different cells may contain negative and positive values. And, you may need to calculate the absolute values. This software will be helpful in doing so.

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Comment Tools

Kutools For Excel comes with lots of comment tools. It can be necessary to add different comments on different cells or values of cells. In such cases, these comment tools are very useful. This software helps change the shape of all comments in an Excel file. It can be necessary to create comment lists. Sometimes, users may need to replace a comment with another one. This task can easily be done with Kutools For Excel. Another important thing is, this software is able to convert cell contents into the comments. Similarly, it helps convert comments into cell contents. A built in calculator is also there for different mathematical operations.

Kutools For Excel Discount & Pricing

Till now, we have mentioned impressive features of Kutools For Excel. The price of this product has made it even more impressive. You have to pay only USD 49 to purchase its single license without any promo code in 2021. There is no need to think about the validity of a license. After purchasing it once, you will be able to use it for good. Another important thing is, the upgrade facility is available for 2 years after purchasing a license. That means, new features will be regularly added. There are volume offers for Kutools For Excel. If you purchase 2 to 4 licenses at a time, then the unit price will become only USD 41.65. If 5-9 licenses are bought at a time, then only USD 36.75 should be paid for each. Similarly, its price will become even lower for a bigger number of units purchased. There is a money back guarantee with every license.

Hence, please get the spreadsheet app using the coupon here. We hope the Kutools For Excel discount will offer amazing features and advantages.