Keyword Revealer Discount : Coupon on Keyword Research Tool

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Enjoy magnificent Keyword Revealer discount as 25% cash back for any pricing plan (Basic, Pro or Elite). Please see below KR image for discount.

Keyword Revealer Discount

We need to choose some keywords for every online promotional campaign. In other word, some keywords are needed to promote any product, business, and website. It is very important to pick some low competitive keywords. Keyword Revealer can do this task very quickly.

A Quick Review of Keyword Revealer

A search engine optimization campaign is important for every website. Similarly, a product promotion depends on some keywords. You have to find out some keywords, which belong to a low competition. These are not very easy to find. But, there are some specialized tools for this task. Keyword Revealer is one of these tools. Finding out a list of keywords is not the only important thing. There are some other important steps. You may face so many problems while dealing with these steps. This software will solve all these problems very efficiently. Avail the cool KR features with our discount. The Keyword Revealer coupon will be helpful.

Keyword Revealer

Research and Discover

There are so many keyword research tools. Keyword Revealer also has a built in research tool. But, this one far better than most of the competitors. This one deals with the long tail items very easily. It requires only a few seconds to complete a research. Some particular things are necessary for every campaign. For example, you have to find out the keywords with low competition. At the same time, there must be a high search volume for those. All these important things will be considered by Keyword Revealer.

Keyword Revealer Discount and Pricing Plans

Different types of pricing plans are available for this product. The Basic Plan of it is available for only $9.97 per month. This one is capable of dealing with 25 daily searches. It will let you save 3 different projects. Keyword Revealer Pro License is offered for only $27.97 per month without our provided discount. This license supports up to 150 searches in a month. IT can save up to 50 projects very efficiently. The Elite Plan of this product can be bought by paying only 47.97 USD/month, prior to the year of 2021. It supports 400 searches and allows to save 100 projects. Each of these licenses is capable of saving a big number of keywords. If you get any of these in a yearly billing system, there will be 40% discount.

Efficient Brainstorming

Keyword Revealer has a searcher intent tracking facility. This facility allows to find out some new phrases depending on the searcher intent. In other word, you will have some new niche ideas. Then all these ideas can be arranged in an appropriate structure. A big number of search engine optimization tools are there. Many people purchase a separate rank tracker tool. There is no need to buy some tools after buying Keyword Revealer. Its built in rank tracker can automatically track the rank of every keyword. It also shows the changes of keyword ranks.

Hence, please have the keyword research tool with our coupon. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the Keyword Revealer discount.