Keyword Atlas Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Keyword Atlas discount

For all kinds of online marketing and search engine optimization campaigns, keyword researching is very important. You have to find out long tail keyword that can make your project a successful one in a quick time. Keyword Atlas is a powerful keyword research software that is suitable for all kinds of projects.

Keyword Atlas Review

There are several steps of an online marketing campaign. Different software and tools provide different steps because the working systems of these tools are different. But, almost each of these tools, marketing, and SEO systems need profitable keywords. Marketers often spend a big amount for purchasing a researcher software for finding out these things. But, the most of these products are not very impressive in terms of performance. Among all these tools, Keyword Atlas is strongly recommendable. This software can find out top performing long tail keywords from various sources. At the same time, it is an easy software to handle. Get the keyword research software with our discount. Grab the Keyword Atlas coupon now. Its top features and benefits are as follows:

Supports Multiple Sources

There are various software programs that can bring out profitable keywords from one or two sources. Some of these tools can even support up to 10 sources to show you necessary suggestions. Keyword Atlas is well ahead than these traditional tools. This software is able to bring out suggestions from twenty one different sources. Custom filtering is another advanced feature of this software. For example, you can get the results only from search engine sources. Sometimes, some users may need to find out these things from eCommerce sources. This tool is effective in those sources also. Similarly, Keyword Atlas can bring results from video sources as well. That is why, you will be able to use it for different kinds of video marketing campaigns. As an additional facility, this software can find out profitable keyword ideas from Google play store and Wikipedia.

Keyword Atlas

More Suggestions

To get thousands of keyword suggestions, you just have to put a single seed word. Depending on that word, Keyword Atlas will show suggestions within a few seconds. Sometimes, you may need to get more suggestions. In that case, a single click is enough. You just have to click on the “related keywords” button. Then, it will show hundreds of additional suggestions that related to the seed or input. To find out these suggestions, this software deals with size rich sources. These sources are Google, Bing, Ask, AOL, Yahoo, and YouTube. Nowadays, it is very important to get CPC, competition, and search volume data. People usually purchase separate tools to get these data. After purchasing Keyword Atlas, you don’t have to depend on any other tool for finding out these data. It will provide these data without any recurring or project based fee.

You may get these Keyword Atlas benefits with our coupon. Extra discount is not needed for the keyword analysis software.

Idea Generator

One of the finest features of Keyword Atlas is its Idea Generator tool. This integrated tool is helpful in those cases where you do not have any keyword idea. The process of using this tool is fairly easy. First of all a seed word and its plural form should be inserted in two respective boxes. After that, there are two optional boxes. One of these boxes will ask for a year and another one will ask for the targeted region. Then, this software will find out more than one hundred keyword phrases. Then, these phrases should be selected to find out thousands of long tail keywords. After finding out tons of suggestions, you may need to export these to the necessary places. In doing that task, no need to purchase an additional tool. Keyword Atlas has an integrated keyword export tool. It will even let you set the number of items in each set.

Keyword Atlas pricing

Commercial Rights

It is possible to use the Keyword Atlas as a service. This software comes with a commercial license. This license supports unlimited personal and commercial projects. Even, you don’t have to buy multiple units for your team members. Each license of this keyword research software can be installed on 10 different computers. That is why, Keyword Atlas is suitable for outsourcing agencies, teams of employees, and partners. There is a money back guarantee that has made the software very safe to purchase. You can install it on Mac and Windows PCs.

Keyword Atlas Discount & Pricing

After describing the major features of Keyword Atlas, let’s talk about its pricing. Generally, the price of most of the powerful keyword research solutions is big. Some of these tools come with personal and commercial licenses. But, this one does not have multiple licenses. Rather than that, its one and only license comes with all the facility. To purchase its license, you have to pay only USD 37 without any promo code. The actual price of this license is USD 67. But now, you are getting a Keyword Atlas at a decreased fee. There is no need to pay any kind of recurring fee after purchasing it once.

Hence, please get the keyword research & analysis software with our coupon. We hope the Keyword Atlas discount in 2021 will help you to search amazing keywords.