KeepTruckin Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Review

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Have exclusive $15 cash back as KeepTruckin discount. Providing for Starter and Plus plan both.

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KeepTruckin Discount

Transport facility is very important for various types of business. You have to deal with so many drivers and fleets. There is an easy way to track them from one place. You just have to use the KeepTruckin. This is a reliable electronic logs and fleet tracking software.

A Quick Review of KeepTruckin

Two things are very important for managing a business. You have to track every employee and you have to have to help them. Suppose, you need to send several products to different parts of this world. In this case, the business will depend on the fleets and drivers of the transports. Sometimes, it becomes very tough to monitor and manage these drivers and fleets. This task can easily be done with the help of KeepTruckin. This software will let you manage all your ELDs from one place. It is very easy to use too. Avail the cool KT features with our discount. The KeepTruckin coupon is going to be really helpful. Here are some main features and facilities of this product:

ELD Compliance

ELD is popularly known as E-log. It is an electronic device that can record the driving hours of a motor vehicle. You just have to attach it with a targeted device. In a business, this device is very effective. It helps to find out the performance of every vehicle, as well as every driver. KeepTruckin has a very impressive ESD Compliance. This solution comes with an automatic log auditing facility. It is able to save the CSA scores very efficiently. Sometimes, there can be some time violation of some drivers. This solution will keep that record also. Similarly, it is able to keep the host violation records.


Powerful GPS Tracking

Keeping some records is not the only important feature of KeepTruckin. This solution provides a very impressive GPS tracking facility. This facility will let you know about every fleet in real-time. Generally, every business owner has to make many phone calls to know where a motor or water vehicle is. It creates two problems. First, he has to spend several hours to do so. And second, he may get some false information from the drivers. KeepTruckin GPS tracking facility can solve both of these problems with ease. It is also able to save the location history.

KeepTruckin Discount and Pricing Plans

Three licenses of KeepTruckin are available. One of these licenses is free. It comes with the electronic logging and vehicle inspection facilities. But, you may need some other features too. That is why, the Starter License is a good option. It comes with an impressive GPS tracking facility. Similarly, it also offers a good quality ELD compliance feature. To get this one, you have to pay only 20 USD per month excluding the discount. KeepTruckin Plus is a more cost effective license. As of this post creating time, this license is available for only 30 USD/month. Along with each and every basic feature, it provides some additional facilities. For example, the idle time tracking and driver scorecard creating are added to this one.

Hence, please avail the amazing KT features in 2021 with our coupon. We believe, you are going to love the KeepTruckin discount.