KDSPY Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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KDSPY discount

KDSPY Discount Code

Authors who are trying to sell books on Amazon often need to make a research. To do so, a single solution is enough. The name of that solution is KDSPY. It is a browser extension of book research on Amazon.

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KDSPY Review

Authors do not love to spend much time on selling their books. Rather, they focus more on writing. That is why, time consuming research tools are not suitable to them. To solve this issue, we suggest KDSPY, which is a top quality research assistant. It helps authors to find out profitable niches, determine potential revenue, and track sales records on Amazon. Grab the power tools for authors using our discount. Get the KDSPY coupon now. Its top features are as follows:

Research Assistant

KDSPY can be considered as a research assistant of authors. There are different tools that should be installed in a computer. So, these tools can make such a device slower. On the other hand, this one is a browser extension that can be installed in a browser in just 4 seconds. Then, it will work on demand. That means, it is a research assistant that will work when you browse Amazon. Determining the ideal revenue potential depending different categories is very important. Sometimes, sellers cannot understand how many books he needs to sell to stay in the top positions. In such cases, KDSPY is very effective. This extension can suggest the number of books to be sold to compete for the top 20 positions. Then authors or sellers will face no problem to fix their targets.


Trend Analysis

Just like other selling campaigns, whenever you will promote a book on Amazon, suitable keywords should be used. This software is capable of suggesting keywords and trends as well. So, you will be able to understand the popular niches in the market. Similarly, it has an ability to analyze keywords very efficiently. That is why, it will be easier to predict the potential revenue for each product. Spying on competitors is another great feature of KDSPY. This software is able to track the Kindle, hardcover, and paperback books with ease. So, it will be easier to determine their sales revenue and estimated sales. Strategies taken by competitors can also be determined with ease.

KDSPY Promo Code & Pricing

Sometimes, authors hire a research assistant by spending hundreds of dollars. Similarly, there are several tools that that can work as a research assistant. But, the most of these tools are very costly. Compared to both these options, KDSPY is more cost effective. Though the regular fee of this tool is only USD 97, but you are getting it by paying only USD 59 now without any discount in 2021. There is no monthly fees. Just pay this one-time fee and enjoy it for a lifetime. Lots of bonuses are available with every license of KDSPY. For example, it comes with an ROI Tracking spreadsheet. There is an author website course that will make you an expert on Amazon very quickly.

Final Note

Therefore, please get the software using our coupon here. Hopefully the KDSPY discount will help to sell books on Amazon.