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Kanata discount

From taking an order to deliver a product, each step of a manufacturing system is very important. Generally, we take help from others to deal with all these steps. But, it can easily be done with a professional solution. The name of this solution is Katana.

A Quick Review of the Katana

Generally, we depend on order management and inventory management tools separately. Similarly, other tools are also very important for handling a manufacturing project efficiently. If you get all these tools separately, then there you have to learn using each of these. For this reason, our suggestion is to depend on one single solution to complete every important task. Katana is an amazing solution for the manufacturing projects. It has plenty of features. Get the software cheaply with our discount. The Katana coupon will help you to save some money on the cool product.

Production Planning

A manufacturing company may deal with various jobs at a time. Sometimes, it is very important to think give priority to a few items. For this reason, Katana has a very powerful product planning system. You will be able to prioritize your jobs by using this solution. In completing every task, different types of materials will be required. It will let you track the availability of each of these materials. In many cases, a manufacturing company depends on material suppliers. These material suppliers sometimes take more time to deliver goods. That is why, Katana will find out delay risks regarding supplies. Predicting completion dates is another very important task. It can perform this task efficiently. This manufacturing system monitoring software also helps to get real-time product status with ease.


Order Fulfillment

Just like production planning, prioritizing customer orders is also an important task. Most of the successful companies give more priorities to loyal customers. Similarly, new companies prioritizes customers who order first. No matter what your view is, Katana will help to deal with that. Taking orders is not the only important thing. You have to fulfill each order with available products. That is why, this software will show you the availability of every product. It helps to assign different tasks to different employees and track their progress.

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Benefits of Katana

Katana helps users to spend calculated money on raw materials. By the use of this software, users will know whether they have purchased above the raw material they need. So as a result, users will also know whatever people are missing and they are yet to purchase. So everything can be done very easily by using this application without any issue at all. Katana has a priority based production system that will help users to produce the product that has most of the demand. There is no point in producing a product that does not have any demand in the market. Users also will get real-time updates regularly.

Users will also get an update regarding when their products will be ready and they can restock the product straight away by that. Users also can set pointer systems so that they can know the product that has the most priority of the products. Katana will help users to always produce the products that are very high in demand so that users can reinforce the inventory faster and smoother pace. It also can help users relocate the materials and finished goods at times to help the users.

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Make Order

Katana helps users to make ordering faster and easier way. Users do not need to spend time to create products with this application. It has an automatic inventory adjustment that allows the users to adjust the inventory faster and set out the inventory accordingly. Katana also does automatic inventory adjustment whenever the raw materials are used from inventory. So that users can get informed regarding anything lacking inventory so that users can adjust the inventory straight away. It also helps users to save a lot of money as users will not invest a massive amount of money to fill up the inventory. It helps also to calculate operating costs and provide the details of raw materials users need.

Katana Coupon Code & Pricing

The program is suitable for a single user and multiple users. Its primary license should be bought for a single user. In such a case, only €49 should be paid per month without any promo code in 2021. This license includes only one inventory location. Similarly, you will be allowed to access only one e-commerce channel with it. Suppose, a person need to add an extra user here. In such a case, only €19 should be paid for each user. For every additional e-commerce channel, the additional cost will be only EUR 39. Similarly, Katana will charge only EUR 19 for every additional inventory location. If you get it for more than 10 users, then there will an attractive custom pricing facility.

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