iThemes Review : Plugins, Themes and Security Tools for WordPress

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There are so many companies providing the WordPress premium themes and plugins, and most of the companies provide huge number of products. Among all those companies, you can choose the products of the iThemes brand for several reasons. All the products of this brand have so many attractive features. The themes of this company are really very attractive and the plugins are very useful too.  Here we have discussed about the some popular products of iThemes.


Why to Choose the Products of iThemes

If you know about the WordPress plugins and themes, then you may know that some companies provide various types of attractive WordPress themes and provide some useful plugins. There are very few companies which provide themes as well as plugins. iThemes is one of the most popular companies for beautiful WordPress themes and plugins. If you are searching for any type of themes and plugins then you the products of this company can be highly recommended.  Some products with their features are:


One of the most useful products of the iThemes brand is the EmailBuddy. It can act as the complete newsletter solution and it can be handled very easily. That means this innovative plugin will help you to create and send emails to different recipients from your WordPress site. You can also set the schedules for the email sending and specially for the reminder emailing. All the email tools will be provided by the EmailBuddy. By using those email tools you will be able to import the email addresses and customize the list of addresses very easily. It has so many other features also.

Classic Themes

The Classic themes will convert your websites into different useful sites. If you want to create a real estate website then you can use the iReal Estate theme which is one of the Classic themes. It has multiple templates and you can use those templates to change the view of your websites. It can also be used to create the business sites or personal blogs. Another popular theme in this category is the Barista Coffee theme. You can use this theme to create the business website where multi-level menus will be used and this theme will allow you to use large images to the upper side of your website. You can create the wedding website by using the Save the Date Wedding theme of the iThemes.

Allure Themes

If you want to create any website which will be only for the women then you can use one of the themes of this category. All the themes of this category have the capability to provide such colours, looks and templates on the website which will attract the women. Online scrapbooks and art galleries can be created with the help of the Corky theme. Personal blogs can be created by using the Daytime or Hatbox or other themes of this category.

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It is another category for the themes of the iThemes company. You will find many beautiful themes in the Allure Themes category. All the themes of this category have the capability to provide feminine looks to the WordPress sites. By using the Dabble theme of this category you can create personal websites. If you want to create personal blogs where you will publish articles with large photos then you can use the Hatbox theme. The Bella theme has beautiful color schemes which will be suitable for the personal sites. It will provide your website very fresh look.

Builder Themes

The themes which are created by using the Builder tool of iThemes those are categorized into Builder Themes. Many themes are in this category. Paige theme is one of the best themes in this category and this theme will convert your WordPress site into a perfect business website. It can also be used to create personal websites. To create a personal site or business website in quick time you can also use the Hudson theme. Any type of blogs can be created by using the Cohen theme. After installing this to your website then you will be able to use beautiful images to that site.


iThemes Company offers some effective plugins and the BackupBuddy is the best plugin ever provided by this company. This very useful plugin can be used to create the backups for all the contents used in the targeted website. It will also create the backups for the plugins and themes which are installed to your WordPress sites. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to restore the backups very easily to the mother websites. If you want to move the contents, plugins and theme of one site to another, then you will be able to do that by using the BackupBuddy of the iThemes.