iThemes Plugin Suite Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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iThemes Plugin Suite Discount

iThemes comes with some very useful plugins for every WordPress website. Instead of purchasing these products separately, you can buy the iThemes Plugin Suite. This product is a package of all useful plugins of this brand.

Review of iThemes Plugin Suite

For a WordPress site, it is very important to buy some premium plugins. For example, you have to provide a security solution to such a site. And, some necessary backup facilities should also be used. We know that there are so many popular brands for these plugins. Among these brands, iThemes is a popular one. This brand offers some amazing tools. Consisting all the necessary plugins, it offers iThemes Plugin Suite. If the iTPS features impressed you, then please purchase with our discount. The iThemes Plugin Suite coupon is expected to come in handy.

Four Amazing Tools

Actually, iThemes Plugin Suite comes with four amazing WordPress plugins. One of these tools is the BackupBuddy. This one can be used for backing up any WP site very efficiently. After generating the backups, this tool will help you to restore these backups anytime. A very powerful facility for moving any WP site is also added to this product. DisplayBuddy solution is added to this suite too. Ithemes Plugin Suite is a combination of 10 amazing plugins, which are capable of displaying any video, photo, and text in some attractive ways. iThemes Security Pro is another built in plugin of the Plugin Suite. For protecting a WP site from any type of hacking attempts, this tool is very effective. BoomBar plugin of this solution will help you to generate various types of attractive notification bars. These notification bars can easily be placed on any WP site.

iThemes Plugin Suite

Additional Facilities

After buying this suite, you will get some additional tools as a bonus. One of these tools is the BackupBuddy Stash Space. This tool will provide you 1GB free space of storing all kinds of backup files. And, it is capable of making any backup session easier. Synchronizing all the themes and plugins of every website is very much important. In doing so, iThemes Sync can be used. This solution will help you to sync up to 10 different websites. With iThemes Plugin Suite, a friendly customer support facility is offered.

The features offered here for iThemes Plugin Suite can be enjoyed with our coupon. Additional discount not needed for the plugin developer suite.

Types of Facilities

Ithemes Plugin Suite offers users to backup data up to 1Gb using the Backup Buddy plugin. This plugin also helps users to transfer their data into the new host within just a few clicks. It is not just enough to keep backing up data to keep the full site functionality. Users also need to make sure that the website is secure from any kind of external threat. You do not want your website to be affected by malware, the virus of hijack threats. It provides ithemes Security Pro that helps users to keep their data secure by all means.

Ithemes Plugin Suite will help users to keep their data secured in 30 different ways so that never the cases of data theft happens. To protect the WordPress site from any kind of threat, this software adds up an extra layer of protection. The plugin Ithemes Security Pro provides peace of mind to the users by adding an extra layer of protection. Ithemes Plugin Suite adds WordPress two factor authentication while users are logged in. So that it becomes evident that the person who is logged in to the site are users completely. Anyone who gained access to your password using the wrong method will not be able to access your website.

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Brute Force Protection

Ithemes Plugin Suite provides brute force protection to provide extra safety to the data of the users. It has an Ithemes Security Pro plugin that can limit the number of wrong attempts done to enter the website of the users. This limitation will help users to stop hackers from trying to wiggle through the security system to access the data. Ithemes Plugin Suite has an advanced scanning system that can help users to scan their WordPress site straight away to find any kind of malware and blocklist status. It can also figure out website errors and software that are out of date.

iThemes Plugin Suite Pricing & Discount

After considering all these added tools, anyone can assume that the price of iThemes Plugin Suite is very high. But this is not true. Actually, you have to pay only 297 USD without any promo code to purchase this one as per 17 November 2017. Actually, after paying this price once, you will be allowed to access every new product that will be released within one year. After one year, every downloaded plugins can be used without any interruption. But, there will be no chance of getting new products or updates anymore. To get these facilities, you have to pay the one-year subscription fee for iThemes Plugin Suite again.

Therefore, get the premium WP plugins at a cheaper price with our coupon. For any more information on the iThemes Plugin Suite discount, please contact use.