Inventory Planner Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Inventory Planner discount

Inventory forecasting is very important for all kinds of eCommerce or online business. This task should be done with a proper software. Inventory Planner is one of the best options for inventory forecasting. It is already used by so many eCommerce owners.

Inventory Planner Review

While running an eCommerce business, you have to deal with several things. There can be tons of purchase orders. A big number of customers may make repeated orders. Sometimes, the amount of orders may exceed the amount of available inventory. That is why, you must use an inventory forecasting solution. There are only a few tools that are suitable in dealing inventories. One of these tools is Inventory-Planner. It comes with each and every important feature. If the review has convinced you purchase with our discount. Grab the Inventory Planner coupon now. Some of these features are as follows:

Automatic Forecasting

One of the most important features of Inventory Planner is its sales forecasting capability. This one is capable of finding out the replenishment suggestions for every item in your list. Whenever a product is to be reordered, it will automatically show a replenishment report. Another important thing is to increase the stock of every item as per necessity. This solution will automatically suggest the number of units of every product that should be added to your stock. Inventory Planner considers several important things before making any suggestion. For example, it calculates the trend, lead time, and seasonality, etc.

Inventory Planner

Purchase Orders

After accessing this solution, there is no need to depend on another tool for generating purchase orders. It is a built in facility to create such orders. Generally, creating a purchase order is not a very easy task if you do not have the proper tools. This one has made it very simple. You just have to upload product cost prices and vendor references. Then, a single click is enough to create the desired purchase orders. Inventory Planner also adds replenishment suggestions as per every purchase order. After creating these things, you will be able to track each order by using the built in tracking tool. Similarly, it helps send invoices to each supplier.

Inventory Planner Discount & Pricing

While dealing with any inventory management system, you have to calculate SKUs or stock keeping units. Depending on these units, the price of Inventory Planner will be set. Its basic price is only USD 99.99 per month without any promo code in 2021. Every license is capable of working with a single warehouse. And, it will be useful for dealing with 1 thousand SKUs. You have to pay USD 10 per month for every 1 thousand additional SKUs. Sometimes, you may need to add an extra warehouse or connection. In that case, the additional fee will be USD 50 per month. Before paying any of these fees, you can use the trial version of Inventory Planner for two weeks. There is no need to pay any fee for using its trial edition.

Hence, please get the forecasting software with the coupon now. We hope the Inventory Planner discount will be helpful.