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Buy any plan and avail exclusive 20% cash back as Interact discount. Applies for Lite, Growth and Pro plan.

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Interact Discount

Interact will help the users to come up with the quiz. The quizzes will help users to engage with the customers better and users will have higher chances to make profit by using this application. It has multiple benefits to offer and anyone with decent skills will be able to use. It has a lot of different kinds of quiz that will keep the people to get engaged. Tryinteract therefore makes things easier for the users. Avail the magnificent Tryinteract features with our discount. The Interact coupon can be obtained by following the image procedure above.

Tryinteract Review and Features

Interact provides the templates over 200 types of quizzes. Users can design the personality quizzes with the help of this application. Users can make any kind of quizzes so that users can check the customers and see how they react to certain quizzes. It helps to entertain the customers. As well it helps the users to understand the mentality of the customers and talk with customers based on their mentality.

Benefits of the Program

It will help users to promote the site better and influence customer to buy the products on the site. The program also provides the score of the quizzes. It will help the users to setup the competition, when the competition is there people will stay in the site more. Users can select the score of this quiz and users can select the flow of the quiz. For example. Users can ask easy quiz then hard quizzes or users can ask first hard quizzes and then easy quizzes. People will be able to see how they score in the quiz which will help users to train and get ready for the quiz.

Interact Quiz Maker

Interact also offers the assessment quiz. So users can easily provide the people multiple choice questions. Users also can provide the hint, users can also provide the answer immediately after the people choose an answer. It is one of the flexibility of this application. It offers the user the chance to add color, logo, fonts and even the images in the quizzes. Users can promote their products and brand while providing the quiz. It will help to establish the product in the memory of the customers. It has the drag and drop builder so that people find it easy to create the quiz.

Image Questions

Interact also provides the image question. For example, users can ask the question about a topic and ask people to select an image that matches the answer. It will help to make the customers to be engaged.

Interact Discount and Pricing

Interact has lite package, growth package and pro package. Each of these packages has different kinds of pricing in 2018. The growth package is priced at only 53 dollars a month, the lite package is only 17 dollars a month and the pro package is 125 dollars a month without the discount. The pro package is applicable for the agency and the marketing team. All of these packages come with 14 days free trial.

Hence, please have the amazing Interact Quiz Maker in 2018 with our coupon. We believe, the Interact discount is going to satisfy your budget.