Inboxr Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes October 2021

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Have Inboxr coupon as 25% cash back. Please have a look at the image here for discount.

Inboxr coupon

Inboxr Coupon Code

There is no need to purchase separate chat bots for different social platforms. Instead, you can purchase Inboxr. This single tool can act as the chat bot on various social networks.

In order to active the discount code, please check the above promo image as a guide. The cash back coupon is offered as a thank you for purchasing.

Review of Inboxr

It is not easy to reply every message that comes to your social media page inboxes. Hundreds of messages can be sent to that inbox every day. More importantly, there can be multiple pages on different social platforms. Nowadays, marketers use chat bots to deal with these incoming messages. These tools are very useful in creating a relationship with customers. Inboxr is an impressive chat bot that can work on various social websites. So, you don’t have to purchase multiple bots anymore. Get the chat bot using our coupon. Grab the Inboxr discount now. Its top features and facilities are:

Automatic Engaging

You don’t have to engage your customer anymore. Just integrate your social fan pages with Inboxr. Then, a few settings should be completed once. Then, this tool will start replying every incoming message with the right answers. Customers will never feel that the replies are sent by a chat bot. Unlike many other tools, this tool is a cloud one. So, there is nothing to install. Just login here, and select your fan pages. It will start restlessly. That means, your customers will get their answers even when you sleep. You can set the expiry of every message. After the expiration, the answer will be changed for a particular question. Inboxr will do this entire task automatically.


Multi-Platform Support

Sometimes, marketers purchase two different chat bots for Facebook and Twitter. But, this one works fine on both these platforms. That is why, engaging customers on both the social networks can be done with ease. There will be almost a zero chance to miss any lead again. Inboxr has a built in tracking capability. That means, you can use it to find out the open rate and engaging rates of these messages just with a few clicks. A built in list building facility has made this chat bot even more effective. Whenever customers send messages, it will ask for their mail addresses and phone numbers. So, you will get an effective list with ease.

Inboxr Promo Code & Pricing

Three different licenses are available for Inboxr. The Lite Edition can be bought by paying only USD 34 per month without the coupon in 2021. It comes with a limited discovery option. The Basic Edition is available for only USD 37 per month. With all the basic functionalities, this license includes a VIP training facility. It is capable of generating traffic from day one. The Inboxr Ultra Edition is even more powerful. Its regular one-time fee is only USD 47. But now, this one can be bought by paying a one-time fee only 37. It includes each and every bonus. Various unannounced bonuses are added here also.

Final Words

Therefore, please get the chat bot using our discount in 2021. We hope the Inboxr coupon will help you in any social networks you required.