iMyFone Umate Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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iMyFone Umate coupon

There are tons of software and tools that can clean up smartphones. But, you have to be careful while selecting a software for iPhones and other iOS devices. iMyFone Umate is a top quality tool for cleaning up iOS devices.

iMyFone Umate Review

While selecting a phone cleaning tool for iOS devices, you have to consider so many things. For example, the software should find out and remove unnecessary files securely. It should create backups of files before deleting those. And, it should keep the device faster. iMyFone Umate provides all these facilities. This professional iOS device cleaning tool provides tons of important features. Get the iPhone cleaner using our coupon. Grab the iMyFone Umate discount now. Some of these features are as follows:

Free up Space

There can be so many reasons why an iOS Device becomes slower. One of these reasons is having a very little free space. You have to free up more space to make a device faster. This task can be done very easily by iMyFone Umate. This software offers a one-click system to free up more space on an iOS device. There are some other tools that come with a few techniques to ensure more space on a device. But, this one provides 25 different techniques to do so. That is why, there will be more space with a single click. Before cleaning up a device, it will analyze that automatically. Security will be maintained during this process. That means, iMyFone Umate will never delete necessary files. Rather, it will clean up junk, temporary, compressed files, and auto-saved photos.

iMyFone Umate

Junk File Removal

We just have mentioned the types of files that will be removed by this software. Now, let’s see what kinds of junk files can be removed by iMyFone Umate. There should not be any doubt that, junk files are the main reasons why a device gets slower. Unlike other devices, every iOS device collects all sorts of data when you use the internet. The most of these data are not relevant. These unnecessary files should be removed with a powerful memory cleaner. This software is able to wipe these files with ease. It is capable of removing all sorts of junk files, including app crashes, crash logs, and cookies. Similarly, iMyFone Umate is able to clean photo streams, camera rolls, and cache files related to photo libraries and third party apps. And, it can remove all types of temp files automatically.

The iMyFone Umate features can be availed using the discount. No need for additional coupon for the iPhone cleaner.

Large File Deletion

Sometimes, it becomes very important to compress different files for sharing. This task can be done by using so many tools. iMyFone Umate is able to do this task losslessly. That is why, there will be more free space on your device. It can compress photos by ensuring up to 75% released camera space. Unlike other ordinary tools, this software will never degrade the quality of any photo. Similarly, it is able to remove unnecessary photos. Before deleting any photo, it will let you preview that. Sometimes, people purchase separate tools for detecting and deleting large files. You don’t have to depend on other tools after buying iMyFone Umate. This software has a built in scanner that is capable of finding out videos over 5MB on any iOS device. As these videos take a big space, you can easily delete these. Just like photos, you can back up any video before deleting that.

iPhone Cleaner

Make More Fun

All kinds of iDevices can become very slow for unknown reasons. That means, there can be lots of files without your knowledge. That is why, it is very important to use iMyFone Umate. It will automatically detect these hidden files. No manual task should be done for detecting and deleting these files. Rather, all these things will be removed silently. So, there will be more fun working with iMyFone Umate. Generally, smartphone users install lots of apps. Some of these apps take huge space on the phone. You have to detect these apps and uninstall for a better health of the phone. This software will do this important task. It is able to uninstall large apps along with their junk files.

iMyFone Umate Coupon & Pricing

Though the features of iMyFone Umate are very impressive, there is no need to spend a big money to access its license. This software comes with a free license that can be used for a month. After that, a paid license should be purchased. There are two paid options. Both these licenses have a lifetime licensing facility. The Basic License can be bought by paying only USD 19.95 without the promo code This one is for a single iOS device or a single PC. Sometimes, you may need this software for the entire family. In that case, the Family License is suitable. This one can be used in up to 5 devices. To purchase this license of iMyFone Umate, only USD 29.95 should be paid. There is a one-month money back guarantee with both these licenses.

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