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An eCommerce website may bring you a big profit. But, you have to handle visitors well to ensure a better conversion. A visitor conversion optimizer tool is suitable for this task. Our suggestion is to depend on HumCommerce to make an eCommerce site more profitable.

Review and Features of HumCommerce

Every visitor comes to a website with a goal. If he finds something interesting, he may become a customer instantly. Similarly, a big number of visitors leave a site without purchasing anything. You have to find out their intentions and interactions. There is no need to use a difficult software to get these data. HumCommerce will help to do it with ease. This software is already proven. A single site, and multiple sites can be handled by it. If you are satisfied with the review of the amazing conversion rate optimization software then please purchase the tool using our discount. The HumCommerce coupon will be really helpful for your eCommerce website.


Record Visitor Session

Every customer will not interact with your website similarly. Rather, different types of visitors will like to stick with different parts of a website. But, there will be some areas which will draw common interests of visitors. It is very important to find out those areas. HumCommerce is capable of finding out these Heatmaps with ease. A visitor can interact with a site in different ways. There will be plenty of clicks, moves, and scrolling. All these data will be collected by this software very efficiently. Another important feature is the visitor session recording. The entire visiting session of a visitor will be recorded by it. There can be some sections where visitors do not face any problem. Some confusing sections will also be there. HumCommerce will record each of their activities. For this reason, you will be able to find out the confusing and optimized sections very quickly.

Detect User’s Flow

Driving a big traffic to a website is not the only important thing. A more important thing is to use their flow efficiently. A site may have several pages. And, each of these pages may have several parts. Some of these pages and their parts are very important. For example, if you sell a product on a site, you need to drive visitors to the part where product features are mentioned. Hence, you must ensure that they navigate your site in the way you want. HumCommerce will help to detect user’s flow. That means, it will find out where visitors are going. Actually, it will generate a visual report about this flow. Hence, it will very easy for you to optimize every website and its pages.

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Keyword Finder

Generally, we use various tools for finding out the search engine ranking for websites. There is no need to depend on any other tool after buying HumCommerce. This software is able to find out the website ranking on Bing and Google. It provides HumDash which is a great tool to connect with the webmaster tool. After being connected, it will help you to find out profitable keywords for any site. This dashboard is so easy to use that anyone can handle it without any problem. Generally, we use various forms on a website. Some of these forms perform well, and some do not. HumCommerce is capable of finding out form performances very efficiently. You will be able to boost this performance by adding or removing a few fields.

Powerful A/B Testing

Landing pages are commonly used in almost all kinds of websites. These landing pages may ensure a big conversion. But, an A/B testing tool is needed to find out their performances. You don’t have to purchase a third party A/B testing tool after buying HumCommerce. This tool will help you to compare two versions of a landing page. Then, it will be very easy to select suitable color schemes, design, and buttons to make a landing page high-converting. HumCommerce is capable of optimizing sales funnels in a quick time. Similarly, it is capable of finding profitable sources that are responsible for sales.

HumCommerce Discount and Pricing

One free plan and three paid plans are available for HumCommerce. The Lite Plan of this product is the free one. It is capable of dealing with only 1 thousand page views in a month. If you need more, than the Beginner License is suitable. This one can be bought by paying only 10 thousand page views per month. Only $9 should be paid to grab it. It also supports 100 recordings in a month. The Pro License is even more amazing. You just have to pay $49 to grab its licenses. Its monthly cost is only 49 USD per month without the discount. And, 500 recordings and 12 websites can be handled by it. HumCommerce Business License is available for only 49 USD per month. You will be able to handle unlimited websites by using it. This plan supports ten thousand monthly page views.

So, please get the exclusive optimization software cheaply with our coupon. Hopefully, you will enjoy the cool features of the HumCommerce discount.