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Host Havoc Coupon

A dedicated gaming server is required for a better gaming experience. Only a few companies sell these servers. Host Havoc is one of these companies. It provides various types of game servers and Minecraft servers.

A Small Review of Host Havoc

Many of us are game lovers. We love to play online and offline. Nowadays, the online games have become more popular. Actually, these games depend on some shared servers. All the players share these servers to participate. Sometimes, these servers go down. And, we lose the game progress. To solve this problem, a dedicated server can be used. But, it is very tough to find a reliable server for this task. Host Havoc comes with some game servers, which are capable of ensuring a lag free gaming environment. Avail the cool HH features with our discount coupon. The Host Havoc discount is going to save you some good money. Here are some major features and facilities of these servers:

Amazing Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft is a very popular game where a player has to build various types of structures. As the game progresses, these players have to build a team and work together. By this manner, they accomplish the game by creating some imaginative things. Host havoc provides the Minecraft Servers to ensure lag free gaming. A top quality SSD storage is used in each of these servers. These packages come with some dedicated IPs and various plugins. Host Havoc also provides a scheduled backup facility with this. You will enjoy an efficient file management facility.

Host Havoc

Various Game Servers

You can get a hosting facility from this company for different types of games. 7 Days to Die is a very popular online game. This survival game comes with a horror theme. There is no branding in the server. It has a command line manager. For this reason, you will be able to handle this with ease. Similarly, it has an efficient file manager configuration facility. Host Havoc offers a dedicated server for the Blackwake, which is a naval battle game. Similarly, you can get some services for Conan Exiles, Arma 3, Days of War, and Hurtworld, etc.

Host Havoc Coupon, Plans and Pricing

For the Minecraft Servers, Host Havoc provides various plans. Actually, they created these plans by depending on the RAM size. If you choose a server with 512 MB RAM, then only $2.50 should be paid in a month without the promo code. 1 GB Plan is available for only $5.00 per month. Similarly, you can choose up to 16 GB Plan, which can be enjoyed by paying only $80.00/month. You will find different pricing options for 7 Days to Die, depending on the number of slots. Only 14 USD should be paid in a month for 14 slots. The price of Blackwake starts from 13.50 USD for 16 slots. Similarly, Host Havoc comes with different plans for different game servers. All these products and services are secured by a strong DDoS protection facility.

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