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Avail Hitvidio discount as 25% cash back for purchasing Personal and Commercial license both. Please see the Hitvidio image below for discount.

Hitvideo discount

Hitvidio has been designed to help the users to make an engaging video. It specifically helps the users to capitalize on social media audience. Social media has one of the most active audience online. Therefore, using social media boosting through this tool will help the users to get active buyers

Boosting Facilities Included

Hitvidio comes with boosting facilities. The program provides 3 times more traffic to the site. The higher the traffic rate is the easier it will become to increase engagement. As a result, using this application will make it easier for users to bring a lot of traffic and make the site effective for users. It provides the promo video template for the users so that users can promote their product. The promo video comes with square and vertical format both. For every single product, a promo video is necessary to engage with the customers. The research states that more than 80 percent of customers want to see videos from their preferred brand. Therefore, the more the videos that are launched, the better that will be for the brand. Please purchase the product with our discount. We hope the Hitvidio coupon will be really helpful for you.

Create Logo Animation

HitVidio comes with intro and outro logo animation on the video. These templates will help users to increase the reputation of their brand and position the brand on customer’s brand. The logo intro and outro also is a part of the corporate culture of a company. It has the preview feature so that users can see the final version of the video before releasing it. The preview will show how the video is going to look to their sites of the users.

Save Money Using Hitvidio

Hitvidio will save a lot of money that users might need to spend on the video editors. Now they do not have to do that. Video editors are expensive and they take time to edit the videos. Therefore, it is a process with a hassle. Users of this application allow the users to completely eliminate that step. With the purchase of this application, users will get a bonus of 5 explainer videos and 100 still footage. Explainer videos can be used to make marketing videos. These videos are ready made and require minimum editing for rebranding. The stock footage can be used for the video background so that the videos look more lively.

Hitvidio Discount and Pricing

Hitvidio has 2 different pricing plans to offer. It can offer the users the standard plan and the commercial plan. The standard plan has been priced at only 24 dollars without the discount. It is for personal users. The commercial plan is priced at only 24.95 dollars. The commercial plan is more demandable since users can as well sell the videos to their clients. It has also the training guide for editing which will guide the way for editing and help the users.

So, if are satisfied with the review please purchase the product using our coupon. Grab the Hitvidio discount now.