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Generating huge number of leads is not so much difficult nowadays. Many marketers are grabbing tons of leads from different social media. Actually, they use some very powerful social media lead capturing tools. Heyo is one of those very impressive tools.

Small Review of the Heyo

Instead of generating leads from different websites, it is better to have those from any social media. Social networks are the sources of real people. That is why, leads generated from these networks will be of top class. And hence, huge engagement can be ensured. Now the thing is, by using an ordinary tool, it is not possible to grab tons of good quality leads. I can recommend the Heyo for this important task. So many features and benefits are offered by this software. Enjoy all the Heyo features and benefits with the discount coupon. The Heyo coupon will be really useful. Some of those are:

Make Effective Campaigns

Different online campaigns should be made for generating huge number of leads. But it is very much time consuming to build those manually. For this reason, Heyo has come with an amazing builder with drag and drop facility. No coding experience is required for dealing with this tool. Some effective widgets are added to this builder solution. Hence, you will enjoy complete flexibility and get huge traffic very quickly. And those traffic will ensure more leads as well as sales. Heyo is very much helpful for publishing the campaigns after being created. Some premade templates are also added to this product. Hence, you will need a little time to generate and publish the campaigns.

Get Unlimited Traffic

This software is capable of grabbing unlimited number of traffic. After generating an online campaign, this software will allow you to post on different fan pages. Hence, grabbing actual leads will be very easy for you. Heyo can generate mobile friendly campaigns. For this reason, mobile traffic will also be captured by those campaigns. You can also integrate this tool with necessary email marketing platforms.

Heyo Plans and Pricing

Three paid plans are offered for the Heyo. And each of these plans can be purchased monthly basis or yearly basis. Basic plan can be enjoyed by paying only $29 per month or $299 per year excluding the discount. This license is perfect for dealing with only one campaign. In each month, it is capable of generating 5 thousand leads. Standard License of this solution is perfect for dealing with 10 campaigns. And it can generate 10 thousand leads in every month.

As per 5 June 2017, monthly cost of this license is only 99 USD and yearly cost is only 999 USD. Heyo Premium License is offered for the marketing agencies. It is capable of generating 50 thousand leads in each month. It can be enjoyed by either 249 USD/month or 2499 USD/year. This one is perfect for working with unlimited campaigns.

So, please avail the advantages of Heyo with the coupon. Get the Heyo discount today.