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Have remarkable 5% cash back as HelpNDoc discount, for any Professional and Standard license. Please check out the discount in HelpNDoc image.

HelpNDoc Discount

We need to use various types of documents for personal as well as business purposes. For generating these documents, normally we depend on various tools. Instead of these tools, HelpNDoc can be used. This is a powerful solution, which can be used for generating all kinds of important documents.

HelpNDoc Features and Review

To make a product easier to use, it is very important to generate a user manual. To generate a user manual, you have to take help from any reliable document generation solution. This type of tool should also be used for creating some eBooks of different formats. A document generator solution can help to generate printable PDF files and ePub documents. After purchasing, HelpNDoc, there is no need to purchase any other tool to generate these files. This single solution is enough to generate all of these. Avail the magnificent HND features with our discount. Our HelpNDoc coupon will make the tool available at a more affordable price. Here are some major features and facilities of this product.


Very Useful Interface

We know that the ribbon design is introduced by MS Office Suite, and it has achieved a huge popularity. Similar feature is also added to HelpNDoc. That is why, you will enjoy using its user interface. All kinds of contextual elements are added to this impressive interface. Topic editor, keyword editor, and some other tools are very important for any kind of documentation. This software comes with all these tools. That means, you don’t have to rely on any other tool except HelpNDoc.

Rich Media Library

This software has a rich media library, where various types of images, videos, and other media elements are added. Its Word Processor is an impressive one too. This software can create such documents, which can be used on any kind of responsive websites. It comes with an efficient template system. For dealing with various types of HTML documentations, this template system is very useful. There are only few tools which are capable of creating iPhone websites and documentations. HelpNDoc is one of these few tools. This solution can generate some eBooks, which will be compatible with the Kindle as well as ePub.

HelpNDoc Pricing and Discount

Two different licenses of HelpNDoc are available for the personal users. The Standard License of this product comes with some basic features only. To purchase this one, only EUR 99 should be paid excluding the discount prior to 2019. On the other hand, its Professional License is available for only EUR 249. This license supports some banner free exports to the QT Help, ePUB, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Word. Sometimes, you may need to install HelpNDoc in a networked environment. In these cases, a floating license should be used. Floating Standard License of this product is available for only 249 EUR. For purchasing its Floating Professional License, only 629 EUR should be paid. Every edition of this software comes with a volume discount facility.

Thereafter, please have the help authoring tool with our coupon. You can save some good money by using our HelpNDoc discount during the purchase.