Hard Disk Sentinel Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

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Professional License

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Hard Disk Sentinel Coupon

Every computer has a hard disk. There can be several problems with such a hard disk. These problems are very difficult to find out. Hard Disk Sentinel will do this important task for you. It is capable of finding out any problem in a hard disk and repair that with ease.

A Small Review of Hard Disk Sentinel

We use a number of tools for a improved performance of our computer. Most of the computer users also use some antivirus tool to protect every important data and file. We store all kinds of media files, personal data, and business data in a hard disk. But, the most of us forget to use a diagnosis solution for that device. For this reason, that device can be damaged anytime. To overcome this problem, our recommendation is to use the Hard Disk Sentinel. Get hold of the cool HDS features with our coupon. The Hard Disk Sentinel discount will let you purchase at a much cheaper rate. This problem finding and repairing software has multiple editions. Here are these editions along with their respective features:

Standard Edition

One of the finest features of Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition is its S.M.A.R.T. analyzing capability. By using this feature, this software can deal with all kinds of SCSI, SAS, USB disk, and other types of disks very efficiently. It can very quickly detect the temperature and status of these drives. Then, it will display that status whenever you launch this app. After purchasing this software, there is no need to spend several minutes to find out the hard disk status. It can provide that information in just seconds. All kinds of problems can be identified by the Hard Disk Sentinel. After finding out a problem, it can provide the necessary alerts too. It also provides a facility to shut down a computer whenever a problem is detected.

Hard Disk Sentinel

Some Pro Features

The Professional Edition of Hard Disk Sentinel will let you access some additional features. For an example, it has a speedy backup facility. That is why, it can create the backups to any computer or server. It has an impressive power management facility for a hard disk. Similarly, remote monitoring is another great feature of this software.

The Hard Disk Sentinel features can be availed using our discount. Extra coupon not needed for the hard disk monitoring tool.Hard Disk Sentinel

S.M.A.R.T. Analysis

Unlike other hard disk monitoring tools, Hard Disk Sentinel is easier to install and use. Its user interface will let you take a control over every all partitions and information. Different parts will be indicated with different colors to express the problem level. And, this software will also suggest solutions to these problems with text descriptions. So, even a new computer user will rarely find any problem while using it. Its self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T.) is one of the unique things. By using this technology, Hard Disk Sentinel is capable of communicating with all IDE, Serial ATA, almost every USB hard drives, and other hybrid drives with ease. There is no need to wait for a long to analyze a hard disk. This software will require a little time to do so.

Hard disk monitoring tool

Various Alerts

Though there are several solutions that can find out problems in HDD. But, some of these tools do not show custom alerts. Hard Disk Sentinel is capable of doing so. It sends alerts in different styles. For example, this software can send emails for any problem that is found on your HDD. It can also send network messages and mobile phone SMSs. At the same time, this software is able to play a sound as an alert. Another important thing is, Hard Disk Sentinel can send daily report on the status of HDD and SSD of a computer.

After purchasing this software, there is no need to purchase an additional tool for judging the performance of the hard disk. It will let you know the amount of data read from a HDD.

Hard Disk Sentinel Coupon and Pricing

After considering some of the main features of Hard Disk Sentinel Standard, you may be ready for a big price. But, according to this post writing time, only 19.50 USD should be paid to buy this product. It also has a volume savings facility. For example, only 15.50 USD/unit should be paid if you buy 2-4 units of this product. From 10 licenses, this cost will be reduced to only 9.75 USD/unit. Some people may look for more advanced features. Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is strongly recommended to them. To buy a single unit of this software, only 29.95 USD should be paid excluding the coupon. Just like the previous one, you can also enjoy a volume savings facility for it.

Price for the Enterprise license starts from EUR 159.95. For this license, you will get all the features of Standard and Pro. Plus you will get some additional features as well.

Therefore, please get the tool to monitor hard disk health as well as temperature with our discount. We believe, you will enjoy the Hard Disk Sentinel coupon in 2021.