GoToMyPC Review, Get the Remote Access to Your Devices

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The computer system is an essential part to manage our daily activities in these modern days. Without depending on the computer system, we can’t support our daily activities. In fact; by using the online system with the computer system, we can manage almost all types of task. But sometimes, we can’t operate our PC while sitting in front of it. That’s why; we need to operate our PC from the remote place. To enable this system, a lot of programs have been developed. But if we can manage this system from the remote place through the online mood, then we will be greatly benefited. For managing this process, GoToMyPC is a dependable name. To access into your PC from the remote place, this program is very active. This process can be handled by the system of mobility. From the remote section, you can easily access into any folder or solve any specific task in a flexible mood.


GoToMyPC and the overview

Have you ever missed your computer which you left in your home? Actually, it is not possible to carry the desktop and even laptop computer all the time. But if you are smart enough, then you can access those from everywhere. No matter you use a Mac or PC you can access that from your mobile device. You may surprised by knowing this. But to be fact, GoToMyPC will let you do so. Various plans of this solution are also available. From our following discussion, you will be able to know the features and compare the plans.

Main Functions of This program

The working procedure of this program is very simple. After completing the installation process of this, the users will be asked to open an account as it is an online based program. At the beginning time, you need to set up this in any Mac system or Windows system with the physical presence. Then, you can connect your desktop PC from any remote device after logging into the account. Then, you can simply observe every single document from the logged devices. You can enable this from the mobile phone also. In fact; the working function is very simple while using this program. Any application which is installed in the PC, can be operated from the remote device.

Features of GoToMyPC

Remote access: The first condition of this program is the remote access method. From any place you can browse over your PC in a simple manner. It offers the flexible installation process. So, the users don’t face any problem while using it. The security system is maintained here with the maximum mood. Here, the password protection system and the other functions that are essential to the security mood are provided. So, any unauthorized person won’t be able to access into your PC without knowing the username and the password.

Other facilities: One of the needed conditions of this program is the mobile access method. This facility has allowed a wide range of supports as users carry it every time. Besides, you can manage the file transmission process from one PC to another by using the remote device. Moreover, the activities and the performance are very effective while working this. You can enable the printing process from the remote place also. To active all these processes, you can take the support from the online center of GoToMyPC.

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Easy to Handle

For this type of solution, you have to consider how easy it is to configure and to handle. GoToMyPC is very easy to install. It is equally effective on the Mac as well as PC. In both types of computers, you will be able to install this very easily. Even this powerful tool does not require restarting the machine after being installed. You can create the desktop shortcut of it and open it very easily for various operations. It will help you to transfer the files between various devices in just seconds. Normally even if we have multiple computers, we do not use multiple printers. With the help of it, you can print the documents of one PC using the printer connected with the other. It will also let you allow other user to access your computer very easily.

Maximum Security Ensured

While accessing the computer remotely, it is very important to ensure the security of the device and important files. GoToMyPC will ensure very high class security to the information and data. Very strong encryption and strong password system will help you maintain the protection system. Various operations like the cut, copy and paste can be done easily with this product. To connect with the computers, it requires the minimum possible time. So you don’t have to wait for getting your data from your device. The remote keyboard that will be used to access the PC can be locked very securely. GoToMyPC will also let you blank the device screen.

Available Pricing Plans

For working with one user with one or more computer you can use the Individual Plan of it. The price for one computer is only 11.95 USD per month. The Pro Plan is suitable for one admin account and maximum 50 users for controlling minimum 2 computers. Its monthly price is only 23.90 USD as of 26 January 2015. You can also accept the Corporate Plan of GoToMyPC to work with suitable number of computers with several user accounts. No matter which plan you will accept, you will be able to access the computer from various devices. The mobile app of GoToMyPC can be installed in Andorid, iPhones and Kindle Fire phones.