Gorgias Coupon: Exclusive Discount on Helpdesk for Shopify Stores

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Get magnificent 15% cash back as Gorgias coupon. The cashback offer applies to monthly and yearly license of Basic, Pro and Advanced plan.

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Gorgias Discount

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for creating different types of online stores. For every online store, it is very important to use a customer service desk. Gorgias will help you to do so.  This tool is able to add a top quality customer service desk on any Shopify store.

A Small Review of the Gorgias

Creating an online store is very easy now. There are different platforms that can help you to create such stores. Shopify is one of these platforms. But, these stores are not the only thing a customer wants. Every customer relies on only those stores which offer a top quality customer service. That means, you must add such a facility on each of your stores. There are only a few tools that can help you to offer such service. Gorgias is a reliable one among all these names. This solution comes with very important features. Take advantage of the important features of Gorgias at a much cheaper price with our coupon. For this, simply grab our Gorgias discount by following the aforementioned image procedure. These features are as follows:

Centralized Helpdesk

Gorgias comes with an amazing integration facility. You may offer various support channels. This solution will connect all these channels in one single place. It actually can connect the chat box, Messenger, and emails. It will also help you to comment on different social posts. An amazing autoresponder facility has been added to Gorgias. For this reason, it can deal with different tickets as per their topics. It can perform about 30% automated responses. That means, this tool will literally save 30% of your time.


Conversation Saving

Another very important feature of this solution is its chat history saving capability. It will save all the customer interaction history in one place. Similarly, this software is also able to save the customer information very safely. You will be allowed to use those data for some future features. Sometimes, you may need to create some similar messages over and over again. To handle those cases, Gorgias will help to create some message templates. You just have to edit those templates a bit and send those to so many customers at a time.

Gorgias Coupon, Plans and Pricing

I have mentioned some important features of Gorgias. Many readers may assume a very big price of this solution after reading about its features. But actually, its prices is not that much big. It comes with four different paid plans as per 2018. The Basic Plan of this product is available at $50 per month in annual billing option. This license supports 500 tickets in every month. The Pro Plan of this solution can be bought by paying only $166 per month, according to this post creating time. This license supports 2 thousand monthly support tickets. Gorgias Advanced license has a monthly price of 416 USD without the cashback coupon. This license supports 6 thousand tickets in every month. This solution also has an Enterprise License. This is actually a custom license that will bill you as per your usage.

Therefore, use our discount and avail the helpdesk for Shopify stores today. We hope, the Gorgias coupon is going to meet your requirements.