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Nowadays, online marketing and businesses helps generate a huge number of sales in order to make a profitable income. Creating a website is essential as it allows customers and audiences to interact with the user. To keep attracting new followers it is necessary to make quality content for the blog. However, there is one more important aspect to this issue, and that is harvesting large pool of online traffic. Having high quality content is useless if there are no audiences to view them. Hence, to tackle such problem there is one such highly recommended software called Post Gopher. Post Gopher allows users to experience the growth of online traffic with their automated technological tools.

Post Gopher

Review of Post Gopher

Post Gopher enables users to gain tons of audiences and visitors completely automatically. Users have the option to turn their pages and various blog posts into PDF format. Converting their post into PDF books allows customers to easily download it and read it. This is extremely useful because it helps users to grow their subscriber while making their content more engaging. Messaging to subscribers and followers have never been easier. There is no need to manually send responses to audiences as this software automatically does the job for the user. Users can schedule their messages which are sent out on autopilot mode.

Customization and Stats Panel

Post Gopher provides a variety of customization options for users who are more into the creative side of the blog. PDF templates are fully customizable where users can change the look of the pdf design. Opt-in buttons and pop-up forms are also customizable that are amazing at attracting followers. Checking for statistics and analytics has always been an issue as the majority of the software don’t provide this feature. Post Gopher, however, has a built-in panel for viewing statistics. This stats panel enables users to keep track of their activities and analytics very easily without installing third party software. Stats panel also helps the user to check their daily, monthly and annual views along with targeted active audiences.

Price Plans and Benefits

Post Gopher has three types of purchasable packages available for a very affordable price. Single-Site package can be purchased for $27 and Multi-Site is available for $37. Unlimited package can be purchased for $97 that allows users to install this software on limitless number of blogs. Single-Site allows users to install it on a single blog while Multi-Site lets users to install it on three blogs.

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